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9 Famous pairs that are closer than you think

Many people think that all celebrities know each other and spend all their time together, which is not necessarily true. Celebrities have normal friends who are not even like them, and even manage to maintain childhood friendships. Keeping these contacts with non-famous people keeps them down to earth and humble. But, of course, they also know other celebrities who understand the struggle to be harassed by the paparazzi and the challenges that come with belonging to entertainment. The surprising thing is that, sometimes, the celebrities with whom they become closer are not who you expect. You know what they say, the opposite is attracted. Do not miss it!

1. Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart

1. Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart

If you were asked to name Snoop Dogg's friends, you would not include Martha Stewart among them in a million years, would you? She is the queen of classy dinners and the maker of the most elegant dishes, while Snoop prefers to be satisfied with a sandwich, how I met your mother metaphor. Well, unlikely as it seems, they get along really good. It all started when Snoop Dogg was invited to Martha's show. They got along so well, in fact, that their friendship actually became the big show of "Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party." Surely you are going to go and google this right now!

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1. Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart 1

2. Jay Z and Gwyneth Paltrow

The simple act of saying their names in the same sentence is already quite strange and unnatural. He is one of the best rap kings and she is a glamorous actress who is really interested in yoga and eating healthy. So, what could they talk about when they are together? Well, it turns out they met more than a decade ago, and have been good friends all that time. Yes, it's certainly complicated to imagine, but hey, Hollywood is a strange place.

3. 50 Cent and Bette Midler

These two characters could not be less like each other. In fact, one could say that it is as if they lived in completely different worlds. However, surprisingly, they have been friends for years. Was their participation in the restoration of a community garden what strengthened their relationship? We will never know. What is certain is that they joked about collaboration in a kind of project for a long time, so people were left waiting for something about it. It would definitely be a lot of fun to witness.

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4. Courtney Cox and Ed Sheeran

Not every day we hear that a young British singer and one of the stars of "Friends" are best friends. After all, Ed was only 14 when the program ended. Probably he did not even pay attention to the series when it was on television for the first time. While Courtney might be almost twice as old as Sheeran, it is true that they are very good friends. In fact, Ed even stayed at Courtney’s home for about three months when he was recording his album. How lucky! And since he's Courtney's friend, obviously he's also Jennifer Aniston's.

5. Rihanna and Jim Parsons

This one is amazing; We could say that it is one of the most unlikely friendships, right? Rihanna, with her great attitude and confidence, in addition to the philosophy of life of not giving importance to what others say, and Jim Parsons with his peculiar and reserved behavior. Who would have thought that these would have something in common? As it turns out, while working on the animated film "Home" they discovered that both have a rather "eccentric" side, and have been friends ever since.

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6. Jennifer Lawrence and Adele

What makes this friendship really amazing is that both Adele and Jennifer come from very different worlds; one is a British singer and the other an American actress. However, we can appreciate that they have quite similar characters, right? Thanks to Hollywood for bringing these two beautiful women together! In addition, both have a great sense of humor and like to make others laugh. Can you imagine how well they get along when they go out together? They make you want to be able to join in the fun, don’t you think?

7. Ashton Kutcher and Princess Beatrice of York

Are you surprised? It seems that Ashton is able to make friends with everyone. Although we always think of him as a true Hollywood heartthrob, he is much more than that now. His interest in the technology industry has made him a very interesting person who is able to get together even with several members of royalty. He met Princess Beatrice of York through her boyfriend, and since then Ashton introduced them to his wife, Mila Kunis. They are so much close that they even go on vacation together. Now, that is a true friendship.

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8. Drew Barrymore and Courtney Love

Drew may have become somewhat hippy and serene today, but we all remember the crazy scene of the parties she had during her adolescence. Maybe that's exactly what she and Courtney found in common because these two women are very good friends. The craziest part of their friendship is how it all began. They allegedly met in a public bathroom when Courtney Love was only 19 years old and Drew was an 8-year-old girl. How did they end up becoming such friends at that time? We do not know, but it's an incredible friendship.

9. Robert Pattinson and Vince Vaughn

To be honest, it is difficult to discover which of these two types is rarer, although perhaps it is this aspect that united them. On the other hand, it is difficult to imagine that Pattinson can even have a friendly relationship, as he is very strange and reserved. Also, to be frank, he is totally British, while Vince is a typical American. We have no idea what they are talking about when they hang out together, but one thing is certain, they share moments together; It has been something well documented by the paparazzi. Apparently, Vince even helped Robert deal with the anguish when his relationship with Kristen Stewart ended.

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