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9 Famous pairs that are closer than you think

2. Jay Z and Gwyneth Paltrow

The simple act of saying their names in the same sentence is already quite strange and unnatural. He is one of the best rap kings and she is a glamorous actress who is really interested in yoga and eating healthy. So, what could they talk about when they are together? Well, it turns out they met more than a decade ago, and have been good friends all that time. Yes, it's certainly complicated to imagine, but hey, Hollywood is a strange place.

3. 50 Cent and Bette Midler

These two characters could not be less like each other. In fact, one could say that it is as if they lived in completely different worlds. However, surprisingly, they have been friends for years. Was their participation in the restoration of a community garden what strengthened their relationship? We will never know. What is certain is that they joked about collaboration in a kind of project for a long time, so people were left waiting for something about it. It would definitely be a lot of fun to witness.

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