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Will Smith's daughter is no longer a sweet little girl...

Will Smith stands out from his Hollywood colleagues for various reasons. Over the years, he has not only managed to progress and develop as an actor and singer (in fact, he was nominated twice for the best actor to Oscar, and he also received five Golden Globe nominations), but he has been known for someone who is a simple, nice person and very attached to the family. All this has made his fans count by millions, and wherever he goes, the rages and crowd go with him.

The happy life of Will and his family

The happy life of Will and his family

In addition to a prominent career in the entertainment world, Will performs wonderfully as a father and husband. For almost twenty years he has been married to the same woman (also actress, Jada Pinkett-Smith), with whom he has two of his three children (his eldest son, Trey was born out of his relationship with Sheree Zampino) son Jaden and daughter Willow.

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The happy life of Will and his family 1

The children are the priority

The three young people have definitely inherited a lot from their parents. Both Jada, and her husband, often talked about raising their children, whom they decided to train without using the typical methods of most parents. Therefore, today they can boast of an excellent family relationship with all of them. Since they had never set rules or limits, especially their younger children have not had to rebel and did not cause any problems that often families complain about.

The children are the priority

Who is Willow?

The one that from the beginning of her life was in the eyes of the public. Willow, whose birth marked a whole new stage in the life of her loved ones. While most people remember her when, as a little girl, her dad carried her everywhere and proudly posed with her for photographers, there is no doubt that she is no longer a baby...

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Who is Willow?

Since the young woman has had the chance to grow up surrounded by people related to Hollywood and take an example of the skills of her parents, it is not surprising that she is just as talented. Despite her young age (remember that she is only 16 years old), we can say without hesitation that she had achieved much more than children of the same age... and she didn’t need the support of her parents for all of this.

First of all, it should be noted that since childhood, she has shown a lot of interest in music, acting and... fashion. Influenced by the mother (one of the most beautiful performers of today's Hollywood), she was often photographed dressed in a peculiar way that, in general, caused the astonishment of the masses. However, this is not the only thing that makes her stand out.

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In addition, Willow continues to show great talent for singing. Still, in autumn 2010 her first single was released called Whip My Hair which ended up at the 11th position in the list of Billboard Hot 100 and joined the record label Roc Nation, directed by Jay Z. It should be noted that even the video for her first song was nominated for the BET Award for the best video clip of the year.

Will's daughter can also boast of a big-screen debut. When she was 7 years old, together with Jaden she accompanied her famous father in the filming of the film I am a legend, and not much later lent her voice to one of the characters of the cartoon Madagascar 2. The most emblematic of her, however, remains her impressive intuition of fashion and her characteristic way of dressing. In fact, Willow managed to impress even Karl Lagerfeld himself with her sense of fashion!

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We do not doubt that, sooner or later, this young actress, model, and singer will surpass her parents and will become a star of the first league. Meanwhile, we hope to see her as well as now, and we still want to hear more and more about her…
Looking at her and going through her album, there is nothing that cannot do!

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Nothing she can wear and not pull it off. Thinking about it, maybe we would be the same way if we were born into a family like the one she was born in! After all, they say the circumstance helps a lot more with developing your talents and skills!

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