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5 Reasons why you should not drink cold water

Mainly in summer, there is the habit, very common in people, of trying to go to the refrigerator to take the coolest bottle of water we have and pour ourselves a good glass. It is normal when it is very hot, it is the most effective way to cool our body. With thermometers increasing their temperature more and more, it is necessary to drink cold water as often as possible, since we must be hydrated. However, did you know that what we consider to be the best habit to relieve thirst could be harmful? Also, the colder the water, the harder the consequences…

5 Reasons why you should not drink cold water 1

There has been a large number of medical studies in which the practice of drinking cold or very cold water is strongly discouraged, claiming that it is an unhealthy eating habit. It seems, among many other reasons, to swallow it during a meal or at any other time, it can disturb the natural functioning of the gastric juices, causing several long-term problems. In fact, specialists say that it is advisable to forget to drink ice water during the meal and, instead, take a sip of warm water between bites.

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5 Reasons why you should not drink cold water 2

1. Restricts digestion

Experts say that ice water, and even other frozen drinks, constrict our blood vessels, restricting digestion; It also hinders the natural process of absorption of nutrients during it. The focus of the body deviates from this process, as it tries to regulate the body's temperature and that of water. In fact, it can cause fluid loss and lead to the opposite effect: dehydration.

1. Restricts digestion

The body's normal temperature is 37ºC, and when you consume something very cold, your body makes up for it by spending energy to regulate the change. This energy that is now used to assimilate would have been originally used in the process of digestion and absorption of nutrients; That is why it is recommended to drink water from time to time.

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1. Restricts digestion 1

2. Sore throat

Another very obvious reason, one that even your elders could have been preventing you from drinking too cold water, is that it gives you a greater chance of suffering from a sore throat and nasal packing. In other words, ingesting very cold water, especially after a meal, results in an excessive accumulation of mucus (respiratory mucosa) and, therefore, ends up forming a protective layer in the nasal passages. As a consequence, when the track becomes congested, it becomes vulnerable to many inflammatory infections.

2. Sore throat

3. It inhibits the decomposition of fats

Specialists have also stated that if a person drinks a lot of cold water right after a meal, the temperature begins to solidify the fats of the food that has just been ingested, so it will be difficult for the body to break down the less desired ones. Either way, it is not advisable to drink water immediately after the meal; A nutritionist named Anju Sood suggests that it is best to wait for an interval of at least 30 minutes between a meal and water.

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3. It inhibits the decomposition of fats

4. It could decrease the heart rate

Some studies have also shown that cold water may have a key role to play in lowering the heart rate. Drinking water with ice, supposedly, stimulates the tenth cranial nerve, that is, the vagus nerve. This forms a significant part in the autonomic nervous system of the body and mediates the decrease in heart rate. When too cold water is consumed, its low temperatures stimulate that nerve, causing the rhythm to drop substantially.

4. It could decrease the heart rate

5. The most shocking factor

It is also not advisable to drink cold water after a workout. Fitness experts suggest that it is better to drink a glass of warm water right after training because when we just exercise, our body generates a lot of heat, and the mismatch of temperatures could lead to great damage to the digestive tract.

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5. The most shocking factor

To make matters worse, your body cannot absorb the ice water, therefore, it is useless. Some people also complain of a chronic pain in the stomach after ingestion after training; This is because cold water is a shock to the body. Do not do it!

These reasons do not mean that you have to reduce water consumption completely; When it's hot, it's extremely necessary to stay hydrated.

5. The most shocking factor 1

However, the consumption of water at room temperature or warm contains many benefits, in addition to greater hydration and faster digestion. It leads to the best stimulation of natural digestive enzymes and ensures a better assimilation of food. It also acts as a natural purifier of the blood, increasing the detoxification processes. So, be sure to drink a lot of water, but not cold.

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5. The most shocking factor 2
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