Published 2018-07-04
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5 Hacks for WhatsApp that you did not know

Some of the most essential things that people need to survive today are food, water, oxygen, and WhatsApp. Just remember the last time you forgot the cell phone and the micro-infarct you gave to understand how important this application has become to communicate. However, there are several things that many of us do not know. In this article, we are going to share one or more tips to help you take advantage of WhatsApp to the fullest.

1. You can save hours deleting memes

1. You can save hours deleting memes

We are all in several WhatsApp groups. What is very common is that in these groups the members send countless memes. Although some are worthy of being framed in a museum for being so original or funny, there are times when memes become excessive and end up taking up a lot of space. You do not have to dedicate hours to delete images of puppies that your godmother sends you to free up some space because you can configure in the WhatsApp settings the option to stop the images from going to the reel. Consider that other applications, especially video, can take a lot of space.

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1. You can save hours deleting memes 1

2. Emoji history

One of the most interesting things in the way that WhatsApp changed the way we communicate is that we have replaced words with emojis. What many do not know is that several emojis have a history; What's more, a man named Jeremy Burgue was given the task of investigating the emojis and created the "Emojipedia".

2. Emoji history

The screaming face is inspired by the painting 'The Scream' by Edvard Munch. The changuitos covering their eyes, mouth, and ears we use frequently with our leagues or when we write something bold, but most are unaware that they are based on the Japanese proverb "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil".

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2. Emoji history 1

3. WhatsApp cost Zuckerberg greatly

Not content to dominate our world and in the process cause several love breakups thanks to Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg bought WhatsApp to become the owner of all our conversations. The idea is that both Facebook and WhatsApp complement each other, becoming stronger and connecting more people around the world.

3. WhatsApp cost Zuckerberg greatly

This seems incredible, although the initiative of the young owner of Facebook was not exactly a bargain. It is estimated that WhatsApp cost around 19,000 million dollars. Many criticized the high amount paid by Facebook, but they say that to make money sometimes you have to spend it.

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3. WhatsApp cost Zuckerberg greatly 1

4. Everyone has secrets, up to WhatsApp

Conversations with one person or in groups can become very monotonous and too long, but luckily there are some tricks you can use to give it more flavor. If you want to emphasize on something, you can put what you want between asterisks and it will appear in bold when you send it (e.g. *I want this to appear in bold *). If you want your message to be crossed out, you can write between tildes (eg. ~virgulilla~).

4. Everyone has secrets, up to WhatsApp

If a few weeks ago they told you a very good gossip and you have already lost the message, try to select the text, meme or video that interests you, press the finger and touch the star that appears; in the chat settings, you can find these messages that you marked as favorites. If you mistakenly deleted a conversation and want to see it again, you can delete WhatsApp and reinstall it.

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4. Everyone has secrets, up to WhatsApp 1

5. Saying goodbye to running out of data

It's never a bad time to see memes or videos of your friends' drunken bonuses, but unfortunately surfing your cell phone costs money if you do it on the street. Currently, you running out of data is usually more worrisome than failing math during high school, but we have good news. You do not have to worry when you download what they send you on WhatsApp. You can go to your setting and turn off the auto download option to save the trouble!

5. Saying goodbye to running out of data

We hope you find our little tips useful and that, from now on, using WhatsApp would be even easier and more pleasant for you. If you also know some curiosity related to this popular application, share it with us. At the end of the day, the clearer the social networks and new technological achievements for all of us, the better.

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5. Saying goodbye to running out of data 1
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