Published 2018-07-05
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Things that people born after 2000 will never understand!

Looking around right now, there is almost zero trace of anything that can remind us of our childhood. The technology is evolving with such a pace that in five years from now, so many things will be replaced by a more advanced version of them and it will be very difficult to feel nostalgic toward anything! However, we always think about a way to make you feel better and for that reason, in this article, we are going to overload you with pictures of many nostalgic items and make you feel overwhelmed!

Floppy Disks

Floppy Disks

Windows 95 covers

Video Rental Stores

Tamagotchi and Nano Pets

Moon Boots

Paper Fortune Tellers

The Talkboy

McDonald’s Land Cookies


CD Scratches

CD Players

Butterfly Clips

Dial-Up Internet

Computer games

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Composing Ringtones

Blue's Clues

Water Ring Toss

Slap Bracelets

Fishing Toy

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