Published 2018-07-06
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Most inappropriate pictures with innocent statues!

People always want to poke fun at something. It is the safe place that most of our brains want to go to in order to be able to relax and leave all the stress and negativity away only for a few minutes. But some people are just funny and some other are SMART funny which is what we are going for in today’s article. Turning something so artsy and innocent to something so inappropriate needs talent and intelligence and these people on today’s article have it all!

Wanna see where they are looking at!

Me too! Me too! Me too!

Hey, any chance you know where this place is!?

Karate kids' all grown up!

Damn! McDonald's....

Lemme see what you've got there!

You want ma number or wha'?!


Let's take a selfie together, shall we?!

It's single lady's time!

Don't even think about him!


High five!

No! Not ma hairrrrrrrrrrr

Calm down, man! Easy! Easy!

This one is the most adorable thing ever!

What?! Ouch! Who's back there?!

Got 'em b**bies touched!

I know I can flyyyyyyyyyy

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