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Annie Leibovitz best celebrity portraits

Annie Leibovitz is known for her signature style in her photos. How she takes a picture so elegant which also is almost fragile and vulnerable as well. Something, not every photographer depict! Many of her photos have been used as the cover of different magazines starting with Rolling Stone. She is the first woman who held an exhibition at Washington's National Portrait Gallery back in 1991. She was the one who took the last picture of John Lennon before he was assassinated! Annie started her career as the staff photographer and later on, was promoted to chief photographer. Here are some of Annie Leibovitz best celebrity portraits.

Michael Jackson

Karl Lagerfeld

Salma Hayek

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Miley Cyrus

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Michelle Williams

Meryl Streep

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Whoopi Goldberg

The Blues Brothers

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Bette Midler

John Lennon and Yoko

Jennifer Lawrence

Nicole Kidman

The Shoemaker

Marion Cotillard

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Jessica Chastain

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens

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Katy Perry

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Drew Barrymore

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