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Who wore it better?

What can be one of the worst nightmares for ladies?! Especially the highly popular ones?! Wearing the same outfit! Especially if that would be them wearing the same outfit on the red carpet! I mean, out of all the designs and different styles and an ocean of options, ending up choosing the same outfit is just LAME! They all need to do what Tiffany Haddish does! Wear the same outfit over and over again and let the people know so you all can joke about it together! One thing people always do when the stars wear the same outfit is to compare and that is what we will do in today’s article! Comment and let us know which one is better!

Kristen Stewart VS Dakota Johnson

Nicki Minaj VS Iggy Azalea

Taylor Swift VS Karlie Kloss

Cara Delevingne VS Georgia May Jagger

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley VS Rihanna

Kim Kardashian VS Alessandra Ambrosio

Emily Blunt VS Dianna Adron

Gwen Stefani VS Beyoncé Knowles

Drake VS Chris Brown

Demi Lovato VS Jesy Nelson

Selena Gomez VS Taylor Swift

Jessie J VS Shakira

Selena Gomez VS Lucy Hale

Cara Delevingne VS Kim Kardashian

Rihanna VS Kim Kardashian

Cara Delevingne VS Chiara Ferragni

Fergie VS Jay Z

Ariana Grande VS Rita Ora

Cara Delevingne VS Keira Knightley

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Stars who were wearing the same outfits
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