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Most ridiculous birthday cakes

Everyone likes birthday cakes, no matter how old you are. But they are not always simple, elegant and wonderful... Sometimes you can be really surprised (shocked!) when you see them and you don't know if you're gonna laugh or cry tasting it. Well, people have the unlimited imagination and weird ideas that they don't hesitate to make real... Especially, you can expect such gifts from your friends and all those who know you the best. Let's see the most ridiculous ideas!

What is this?!

This was probably going to be a kind of planet or a colorful mixture of different flavors but the results may not satisfy a person who has a birthday. Apparently, someone doesn't have a good taste. Well, we would like to see the reaction of all those who will see this birthday cake on the table...

You must really like cartoons!

Well, this is not a birthday cake for a child... But who said that only adults can be crazy about cartoons? Anyone can cherish this passion no matter what age you are. Yes, this is true! One thing is for sure, this cake must be really delicious and it's really upsetting to eat it.

Someone has a black humour...

Well, some birthday can be sad when you suddenly spot another grey hair, a few more wrinkles and a general lack of vitality. But any birthday should be a happy, cheerful day. Who wants to be surrounded by people who will constantly remind you that you age?

So nice...

Nothing is better than your best friend's consolation and a few nice words. And it's even nicer when they write it on your birthday cake with the biggest possible letters. Of course, we're joking! Well, it may be nice but only if you all know each other very well.

Your bestfriend knows you the best!

Your best friends know you so well that they can even remember what clothes you like the most. So when your birthday6 comes, you can expect something that is strongly associated with your passions or habits. Isn't it just nice?

It's not a cake, it's a story!

Well, you're really lucky if you have friends with a vivid imagination and creative ideas. But it's also a little bit scary as you can expect anything from them. Well, this example shows that birthday cakes can show interesting stories too. And for sure this particular one must be really tasty.

Well, Justin's fans won't like this cake!

Your best friends know that you like Justin Bieber so you probably expect a T-shirt, latest CD or even a ticket for his concert. And then you see THIS... Well, you are not only surprised but even shocked! And then you probably no longer like this musician...

What is this?!

Sad truth!

Well, if your friends have a black humor then you will never get nice, elegant birthday cakes... But for sure, your age will be ridiculed and you will sadly realize that you get older. Well, after getting the cake from the image you will never think again that you are still young.

You must really like cartoons!

You'd better not use your imagination...

Well, interpret this birthday cake as you want... Or maybe don't use your imagination as you will never ask for birthday cakes again. This idea is definitely creative but is this really nice to get such a gift on such an important day?

Someone has a black humour...

Will it really work?

Anyone would like to get a potion that will make you younger. This particular one is also tasty but we doubt that it has properties that will satisfy you. Unfortunately, it can only make you fatter. But on your birthday you shouldn't regret anything!

So nice...

It's just your bestfriend!

"You aged" - what a sad truth! It seems that your friends and family are trying to show you how old you are. Well, maybe it's just a slight remark that you should take a better care of yourself? One thing is for sure - don't make a fuss about it! It's just a funny gift!

Children shouldn't see it!

There are also such birthday cakes that children shouldn't be allowed to see. Well, this particular one contains so much adult information that you'd better eat it fast before your daughter takes a look. Hopefully, it is tasty!

Your bestfriend knows you the best!

Unusual but so beautiful!

This is both ridiculous and beautiful. And the truth is that anyone would be surprised seeing this creation. Just imagine how much time someone had to devote to make this cake! At least a few hours! So if you get it, always appreciate its magnificent properties!

For real fans!

Well, everyone has some favorite singer or band. And you can be certain that your friends know about this fact. This particular one is a little bit gloomy but probably that was the idea. Someone must like rock and now they will have it tasty!

A little bit scary...

Another cake for music lovers. Well, this one looks scary because the singer that tops this birthday cake looks like a witch... don't you think this way? But we cannot see the broom so maybe it's just a singer. We will leave it for your imagination.

Don't mess up with this cake!

This is not a funny birthday cake and you'd better not mess up with police officers unless you want to be handcuffed... Of course, we're joking! This gift looks amazing and not only real police officers would like to taste it, for sure.

A cake just like you...

This is a little bit weird and creepy but still a piece of art! Somone knows you so well that they can create a birthday cake just like you! So if you get something like this, don't forget about taking a photo of you two! It will be a funny moment!

Is it salty or sweet?

Not everyone likes sweet treats so when you have a friend who is a hamburger and french fries freak, you'd better take it into account. Well, this birthday cake looks nice but we really don't know how it tastes - salty or sweet? We would like to know!

Golden fish will help with your wish

Golden fish is known for making anyone's wishes true so if you spot it somewhere or get it on your birthday cake then you can be sure that luck will come to you soon. This birthday cake, however it looks, is such a nice gift!

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