Published 2018-07-09
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Celebrities who are fans of mountain climbing

Doing sports is something that once you become famous, you are expected to do. You are expected to stay fit and do not have any fluctuations in your weight or you will be the target for all the bullies and you will see your very unflattering pictures on all the magazines and pages. It is easier to go with the sport and save yourself from all the troubles, right?! Different stars opt for different exercises based on their comfort and interest but there is only one sport that attracts many of the celebrities to itself and that is nothing other than mountain climbing. Here are some of the celebrities who are fans of mountain climbing!

Channing Tatum

Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid

Kate Winslet

Michael B. Jordan

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Barack Obama

Anna Kendrick

Leonardo DiCaprio

Prince Harry

Vanessa Hudgens

Julia Roberts

Sterling K.Brown

Courteney Cox

Nick Jonas

James Marsden

Michelle Rodriguez

Jesse Tyler

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