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Most outrageous shoe looks of Carrie Bradshaw

Every woman likes shoes but it seems that no one compares to Carrie Bradshaw, writer, columnist and fashionista from "Sex and the City". She, just like Sarah Jessica Parker in a real life, is a real footwear freak but her big passion for shoes doesn’t always mean successful choices. Mismatched high heels, strange socks, extravagant colors - you can expect anything when you see Carrie Bradshaw on the screen. As there was the show’s 20th anniversary lately, we would like to remind you of some most unforgettable looks of this character.

Wedding day. Do you remember them?

"A relationship is like couture—if it doesn’t fit perfectly, it’s a disaster." This is what you can hear in Sex & The City. It seems that clothes and relationships have something in common. If you don't feel that your clothes are comfortable and you feel awkward wearing them then just throw them out. The same with the partner, if you don't love him, then don't force yourself to be together.

This is it!

"Some labels are best left in the closet." Carrie Bradshaw knows how to present her clothes just like a model in a catwalk. And her closet is indeed full of labels that you may just dream about. But you don't have to buy designer clothes to look fashionable. The most important thing is to present them with grace and charm.

Just her style!

Trashy, worthless? Think what you want but this is just Carrie Bradshaw's style and this is what her fans loved her for. A great thing is that you can create your own fashion and even if you will have some haters, you should appreciate the fact that there are still people who are inspired by what you present. This is just called fashion!

Memorable moments!

Since you knew Carrie Bradshaw's style from the very beginning of the series and you were mesmerized by her ample collection of footwear it was just certain that her wedding dress will be something that will take your breath away for a while. Along with her matching high heels, she looked just gorgeous!

Black shoes are always great!

"I will never be the woman with the perfect hair who can wear white and not spill on it." She is a symbol of grace and elegance that never end. She doesn't always wear those colorful, vivid outfits. Sometimes she also goes for classy high heels that highlight interesting dresses, just like in the picture. This is what her fans like!

She attracts attention!

"I’d like a cheeseburger, large fries, and a Cosmopolitan." She never compromises her style. Her character was developing through all the series and also her taste was changing. But she never abandoned her passion for shoes. Even if her wardrobe probably cannot contain more shoes, she treats them like the most precious treasure.

These are a little bit strange...

"I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet." No matter how strange some of her shoes look, she wants to look glamorous and inspire! You may not like all her outfits but still, some of the details and accessories may be something that you wish to have. Carrie Bradshaw is definitely an iconic character!

These socks are awful!

"You shouldn’t have to sacrifice who you are just because somebody else has a problem with it." This way she emphasizes that even if you have a strange, unusual taste that not everyone may like, it doesn't mean you should change your preferences. It's not your problem so move on and be happy. These long socks can still inspire someone...

This is definitely a better great choice!

"No matter how fast paced the city is, I always manage to get my clothes on before I leave the apartment." This is one of Carrie Bradshaw's golden rules. In this photo, you can see one of her best shoes - classy, elegant and attracting attention! This is it! Hopefully, they are more comfortable than they look... If yes, we want the same!

Like a princess!

Her outfits don't always look like those that Kate Middleton chooses but the way Carrie presents them and walk confidently in the street makes her a princess! And she also wants to be treated this way. Her wedding dress looked like from a fairy tale? Do you remember it? And Mr. Big know how to say sorry...


When you have the opportunity to dress up, do it! Carrie believes that there should be no excuse when it comes to experimenting with fashion. She proves to be flexible when it comes to it. Any colors, any styles, and any amounts are acceptable but you need to enjoy creating your outfits! Without fun, it doesn't make sense!

"Shoes club"

Matching is only a requirement when it comes to the choice of friends and your partner but according to Carrie Bradshaw, fashion doesn't have to obey this rule. So wear any clothes from the rainbow and any kind of shoes. There's always some mixture that attracts attention, in the end, it's what counts in fashion. Don't you think so?

She looks stunning on her wedding day!

Although we all know what happened later on that day... we must say that Carrie looked stunning, amazing, just gorgeous! Carrie Bradshaw was proud of her wedding dress and all the accessories she carried on this significant day. Her friends also share her joy so the picture is just cute! Unfortunately, you can't buy exactly the same dress that Carie was wearing but thanks to Vivienne Westwood, an English fashion designer, you can now buy some clothes that are inspired by Carrie's wedding dress!

She is developing!

"I’m not afraid of heights… have you seen my shoes?" Yes, we have seen them all! You need a lot of courage to wear them every single day for many hours. And in the series, she can literally run in her high heels without any problems! Well, shopping is what keeps her going, definitely. "Shopping is my cardio." She adds.

Let everyone see them!

"Maybe the best any of us can do is not to quit, play the hand we’ve been given, and accessorize the outfit we've got." Her rule says that outfits should be loud but accessories should be even louder. And she admits that there is not such a thing as being too extravagant. What a brave approach! Not everyone could be able to follow it.

Impressive collection!

"It’s really hard to walk in a single woman’s shoes—that’s why you sometimes need really special shoes!". Well, she has so many pairs of shoes that she may not need more pairs to the rest of her life! At least she has something to admire and her collection is really impressive, isn't it? Every woman would like to have it!

Who runs better in heels?

Fancy dress, high heels and running? No problem! Heels and Jogging Bottoms - for Carrie Bradshaw it's not a problem at all. She always has some pretty dress on hand. "Sex and the City" is never boring as you can't expect what Carrie Bradshaw, the most vivid character, will wear. This way, it's funny, gripping and giving you lots of inspirations.

Hmm... what to wear?

Carrie Bradshaw shouldn't have this problem. After all, her wardrobe is barely closing! And she is buying even more and more stuff all the time. Her wardrobe looks so impressive, just look at the colors! And the most amazing thing is that she always creates something exceptional when it comes to her outfits. She claims that there is no need to wear something that someone else is wearing.

Just comfortable!

This photo is totally different. But everyone needs some break from those fancy dresses, heavy accessories and loads of makeup. Flat shoes are also definitely healthier than high heels especially at the end of the day. Let's celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Sex and the City movie!

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