Published 2018-07-10
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Shocking celebrity meltdowns

Celebrities also have the same feeling as other human beings so weaker moments just happen to them. They cry, they scream or even become violent! If this happened to you, you would feel embarrassed for some time and then only a couple of people, who were with you, would remember the incident. But if celebrities lose control in public then after some time anyone will see the awkward moments and no one will forget it! Is it really so good to be a star?

Quentin Tarantino on Channel 4

Chris Brown on Good Morning America

Tom Cruise on Oprah's Couch

Billy Bob Thornton on the CBC

Shia LaBeouf vs. bartender

Mel Gibson - phone conversations

Kanye West during his concert

Charlie Sheen during live-stream videos

Robert Downey Jr. - during an interview

Britney Spears attacks paparazzi

Lindsay Lohan in Court

Michael Richards and his racial hate

Christian Bale went ballistic on set

David Hasselhoff - not totally sober...

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown interview

Ed Harris lost his control

Hillary Clinton - a few weaker moments

Kristen Bell says about her boyfriend

Christina Aguilera gets mad at Adam Levine

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