Published 2018-07-13
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Most popular cats on the internet

Cats have been domesticated about 9500 years ago and are now the most popular pets in the world. Wild ones can live free for about 8 years, those which are kept at home can live up to 20 years. Although these animals are called loners, they are in fact very sociable. When it comes to domestic cats, there are about a hundred breeds. Just lately the news of the loss of the ugliest dog broke the internet in tears so to help you keep going forward and find another reason to live, here we have a list of the most popular cats on the internet!

Monty with no nasal bridge

Cole and Marmalade, Youtubers

Honey Bee, the blind hiking cat

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The two-faced Venus

Lil Bub The Perma

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Maru, the master of boxes

The grumpy cat

Sam with the eyebrows

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Garfi, the angriest cat

Shironeko, the happiest cat

The cutest ever Snoopy

Lazarus, the vampire cat

Hamilton the hipster cat

Fukumaru with heterochromia

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The OMG cat, Banye

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Colonel Meow

The always-shocked Nala

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Kitler, the cat Hitler

Zarathustra from the art

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