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An illustrator from Ghana creates images that anyone in a relationship will understand

As we know, in recent years the meaning of relationship has been changing, bringing great interest from both illustrators and other professionals, who try to recreate what life really looks like at this important stage. In this article, we show you an illustrator called Poka Arts from Ghana. This professional gave a 360-degree turn to the meaning of a relationship, creating a bit of grace and tenderness in each of his photos. If you are in a relationship, you will surely find many similarities in these photos!

1. It's about giving mutual comfort...

1. It's about giving mutual comfort...

One of the most important things in a relationship is being able to be comfortable with the person you are in a relationship with. To be who you really are and not try to pretend to be someone you are not because that, after a while, wears off and then you want to show the real you but you are scared the person may just leave you because you are too far away from what he thought you are like!

2. Children can be a problem for the intimacy of the couple...

Not sure what can get through the minds of the couple, to want to have kids. There are so many things that only the two of you need to do and getting to know each other more is a huge part of that, it definitely is not easy when kids are around to do anything at alone let alone getting to know your someone. The focus and attention you need to put on your partner become shared and divided because the kids need almost all of it! This also affects the intimate part of your life so why don’t we think about it more!

3. When your husband always laughs with you because you use makeup everywhere you go

There always is the need of thrill and excitement in a relationship for that spark to remain. You might have forgotten all about romantic gestures but now it is the right time to start reviewing them. You don’t need to go for something huge, tiny surprises sometimes mean way more than big surprises. As you start the wave, your partner will catch up with you and you will get a little bit of the spark back. This is one of the ways you can surprise your partner big time!

4. Menstruation is a thing that really affects women, for example, they eat a lot!

Let's face it: almost nobody is able to eat without getting dirty, even a little bit. Unlike girls, eternally preoccupied with their appearance, men see it as something common and even tender. In addition, men feel comfortable in the company of a person who demonstrates their taste for food. Lots of gentlemen are delighted when they can take some sauce or crumb from the cheek to their partners. You can look flawless even with a spot of mayonnaise on your nose!

5. The atmosphere at home becomes more cheerful when there are children

Having kids in life when you have finally decided to is something that is said to be one of the most beautiful feeling in the whole world. You get to meet the other side of your partner that you have never thought it existed. A whole new world with too many new responsibility with no guideline. But just the fact that he is there to share this with you and the smile of that little one is enough for you to keep going forward.

6. Women always need more time than men... Therefore, they are always late whenever they go together

Being late is just something that most of the ladies are. The memes online that talks about how the guy is completely ready waiting for the lady and she says ‘Two more minutes’ is one of the most accurate memes of all time! Some of us though, try to start getting ready earlier so we won’t have our guy waiting for us the whole time! Those are angels; guys, you have to put a ring on the finger of these ones.

7. When someone of the two has to work away from home... Distance sometimes is not an obstacle!

One of the things that couples do, especially the ones that are not in fact themselves and comfortable in expressing their feelings in the relationship is that when one does not text after a fight, the other also stops texting. Even though she/he is just waiting for a message from their significant other, they do not want to send any messages to the other person because they think if he/she wants it so bad, he will send a message. Both sides think the same and that is why this picture happens.

8. Some women have fantasies about other men...

According to several recent scientific studies, there are certain attributes or characteristics of women that inevitably attract men. For example, they love a girl they can laugh with or be honest with. They will also be "prettier" if they see them among their friends, called by researchers as the "cheering" effect. That they know how to say no, that they are kind and open are other features that make them irresistible.

9. A typical question: "Do I look fat in these jeans?" Men always have to answer "No"

What counts is the first impression, a small detail that will draw his attention. It can be part of the body he likes in women, facial features, the way she plays with her hair. Appearance matters, however, mainly at the beginning of acquaintance. And let’s not just say that appearance matter only to men at first! We, women also take a good look at the guy at first before we start a conversation with them. Some of us, even if we do not like the way the guy looks, we will not answer him at all! So this is not limited to guys.

10. Love is a very powerful feeling... Basically it's about taking care of the other partner and supporting each other!

When the person has passed our physical standards, we start to explore him/her more, and that is the personality come to play. When he meets her, he begins to understand that he feels good about her and wants to spend time together. Between him and the woman, develops an emotional bond that goes beyond the realm of the physical train. Character, interests, good fun, it all starts to matter. The vibe that you get when you are with someone really is something you cannot feel with everyone.

11. Commitment is a very important part in every relationship...

They say that good times for love do not finish. Starting a relationship now has become more difficult than ever. Every person likes to know that their partner is sufficiently attracted to her, a circumstance that occurs in all types of couples, and in men as well as women. Given that men are not as expressive as they are when it comes to demonstrating what they feel. We, all, regardless of their gender, want to stay with someone forever and ever. Someone we know is going to be with us and love us unconditionally.

12. That person you love so much lives in your thoughts day and night...

We all have a friend that every guy loves to go out with. She has guys so in love that they would do everything for her. You will be thinking, what is the magic formula? Is there any? The answer is YES! There is a formula that will make your crush think about you non-stop. It is much simpler than you can imagine and it will help you in a very positive way. The world of dating is frustrating but it is also very exciting at the same time. It is not as hard as you think, but if you don't put in a little effort, it is not going to work either. Make sure to play your cards right. There's no point in putting all of your time and effort and seeing no result.

13. When he is far away, it is no longer the same...

He starts to get serious. This is a place to ask himself if this person is right for him or if he shares the same values and views with her or not. Whether they fit together, complement each other and support each other. That is the time of thinking, and for guys, it could be a tougher decision to make than for girls since we fall easily and as they always say, love is blind. They need to analyze and check everything to make sure in all ways possible they are compatible, and there is no one better for him.

14. Man shows you that he really loves you with simple actions...

It's a moment when they both know their advantages and disadvantages and confronts them with their adaptive abilities and the ability to accept the other person. He thinks about the future for the first time. A bond is created, and that has a chance to survive everything. That is when things start getting real for a man, and the seriousness of a guy outnumbers the lady’s feelings! Now to help you learn more, in this article, we are going to present some of the signs that show your man IS serious about your relationship.

15. For better and for worse...

If whenever you feel like you need someone to talk to and he is there for you, then he is the one. Before being your boyfriend, he needs to be your friend. Someone you would like to share everything with you. Even when you are mad at him, he needs to be the one you go to because it is between the two of you and no one can make that misunderstanding go away better than him! If you find someone like this, do not think twice! Just marry him right now!

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