Published 2018-07-16
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How to be protected from the mosquito bite!

Did you know that if your parents are bitten by mosquitoes more frequently, you are more likely to be a perfect target for them as well?! As it is estimated, 20 percent of the people are considered to be targeted by mosquitoes more frequently than other! People who dress in dark colors stand out to the mosquitoes and are more likely to be bitten by them and also the smell of your body will help them track you down easier. There are some other reasons why mosquitoes bite you more than anyone else! Here are a few of them…

Blood type O

Carbon Dioxide

The odor of sweat, lactic acid, uric acid, and octanol

Skin bacteria

Beer consumption


Colors like black, navy blue, red attract more mosquitoes

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Eighty-five per cent of the reason why mosquitoes prefer you is genetic

Now the ways to protect yourself are: Wearing long sleeved shirts and pants and socks

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Stay inside

Use unscented products

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Use bug lights

Eliminate standing water

Encourage natural predators

Plant mosquito repelling plants

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Keep your outdoor meals safe

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Keep screens in good repair

Choose nontoxic repellents

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Why mosquitoes bite me more than anyone else?!
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