Published 2018-07-17
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Emojis you have been using wrong all this time!

Today is known as the world’s emoji day! We know right!? Who would have thought there would be a day dedicated only to emojis! But there is one and that is the 17th of July! We use these smiley faces on our day to day life and we have got to the point now that if we receive a message with no emoji, we are offended! That is a huge impact, right!? To honor this magnificent and life-changing day, we are going to give you the meaning of some of the emojis you have been using wrongly all this time!

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Sad but relieved instead of a person crying

Hugging face instead of Jazz hands

Savoring food face instead of sticking out tongue

Raising hands instead of praising Jesus hands

Face with steam from nose for proud yet disdainful face instead of frustration

Hushed face instead of surprised face

People with bunny ears instead of party face

Person bowing instead of push ups or massage face

Kissing face instead of whistling face

Person tipping hand instead of waitress and her/his tray

Folded hands instead of high five sign

Sleepy face instead of snot bubble sign

Weary face instead of whining face

Victory hand instead of peace sign

Person getting massage instead of woman with antlers

Open hands instead of whatever

Pile of poo instead of scoop of chocolate ice cream

Nail polish instead of I’m not bothered

Fire instead of lit

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