Published 2018-07-17
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Mysterious unknowns in the world!

The world is an amazing place and even up to now, still, there are so many places in this world that are yet to be discovered. We have many articles about different caves and diving sites that are breathtaking. So many places that are still left intact and not many people know the way to it. Places so beautiful, you forget you are living in this world. There also are many unsolved mysteries in this world that science is yet to find the answers to them and in this article, we are going to talk about some of these mysterious unknowns in the world!

The Big Diomede and the Little Diomede

The Chamarel plain

Russia with eleven different time zones

The Big Diomede and the Little Diomede

Baikal lake

The Reelfoot Lake

Point Nemo

The Appalachian Mountains

The Dingo fence

The Pacific Ocean

The Er Wang Dong cave


Anna Creek Station

Estádio Milton Corrêa

Yellowstone National Park

Four Corners

A circle with more people living in of it than out of it

The Chamarel plain

Victoria in Canada


The Dead Sea

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