Published 2018-07-18
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One traditional thing that everyone should eat in these countries

If you travel a lot or you love tasting new things from different cuisines in the world, you may have observed that every country has their own traditional food. And it's always a new experience when you try new things that you have only heard about. Štruklji, pierogi, crème catalan - do you know all of them? In this article, you will discover even more traditional meals. Have you tried them all? If you are going to visit the following countries then don't forget to taste these dishes!

Goulash in Hungary

Haggis in Scotland

Katsudo in Japan

Poutine in Canada

Goulash in Hungary

Xiaolongbao in China

Pizza in Italy

Crème Catalan in Catalonia, Spain

Palacinky in Czech Republic

Pierogi in Poland

Currywurst in Germany

Banitsa in Bulgaria

Breakfast in England

Herring in Netherlands

Haggis in Scotland

Štruklji in Slovenia

Stew in Ireland

Katsudo in Japan

Crepes in France

Rakfisk in Norway

Francesinha in Portugal

Feijoada in Brazil

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