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Highest-paid stars - new ranking of Forbes!

All those people who love knowing about their favorite celebrities brace yourselves and start reading. The best thing is that there are young stars who are among these top richest actors list and you will be shocked to know how much money they earn over the years. As every year Forbes magazine published the list of the World's Highest-Paid stars, this year it also has released the list which got everyone surprised thinking Why?! How?! When?! And probably so many other questions. On this list, we have the highest-paid stars in the history of Forbes!

Floyd Mayweather - $285 M

George Clooney - $239 M

Kylie Jenner - $166.5 M

Judy Sheindlin - $147 M

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson - $124 M

U2 - $118 M

Coldplay - $115 M

Lionel Messi - $111 M

Ed Sheeran - $110 M

Cristiano Ronaldo - $108 M

Bruno Mars - $100 M

Conor McGregor - $99 M

Neymar - $90 M

Howard Stern - $90 M

Ellen DeGeneres - $87.5 M

James Patterson - $86 M

LeBron James - $85.5 M

Rush Limbaugh - $84.5 M

Katy Perry - $83 M

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