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Gorgeous pieces of Jewellery Kate Middleton received from the Royal Family

In the first five years of marriage, the Duchess of Cambridge has already had an impressive collection of gorgeous pieces of jewelry and then the collection only expanded more and more. It's all mostly due to her new family who didn't hesitate to pamper her with new pieces of tiaras, sapphires, and diamonds and it turns out that this collection has a magnificent and iconic background as many ancestors of the Royal family were wearing those stunning valuables!

The Cartier Halo tiara

Her wedding tiara has got about 1,000 diamonds and was initially bought from Cartier in 1936. It was an anniversary gift from King George VI to his wife. After 8 years it was regifted to the current Queen and was supposed to be an 18th-birthday gift. Well, any girl would like to have such a thing and wear it during her wedding day, that's for sure! Awesome!

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A rose-gold and pearl ring

Oh, sapphires and diamonds are so gorgeous! Well, during the first five years of marriage, the Duchess of Cambridge has already received some stunning pieces of jewelry. Her new family helped her build a new collection of impressive valuables and among them, there is that marvelous rose-gold and pearl ring! Wow, another piece of jewelry that we want so badly!

The Cartier Halo tiara

It's just stunning!

It is supposed to be the first piece of jewelry that William ever gave to Kate. During their time at St Andrew's, she received the rose-gold Victorian band set with pearls (his birthstone) and garnets (her birthstone) and from that moment on she wore that valuable thing on many occasions also during her graduation. She must really like it. No wonder, it's cute!

Princess Diana's engagement ring

The sapphire ring that William gifted his now wife has deep personal meaning for him. Well, it initially belonged to William’s mother, Princess Diana! Prince William confessed during his engagement that giving the ring to Catherine was a kind of making sure that his mother didn’t miss out on the most important day in his life, a wedding day. Wow, what a story!

Sapphire and diamond earrings

Sapphire and diamond earrings that Kate is wearing proudly on many occasions were a gift from Prince William and previously owned by the late Princess Diana. They feature a single oval sapphire stone with a ring cluster of diamonds. The Duchess was first spotted wearing them for the first time at Clarence House on 3rd June 2011. Do you like them too?

The Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch

Kate was given (of course, from William) this fabulous Ballon Bleu watch on their third wedding anniversary in 2014. It has a blue spinel set into its crown. During the couple’s tour of Australia and New Zealand, the Duchess was seen wearing it every single day of their trip and she continued to wear for many other occasions ever since. Just amazing!

A rose-gold and pearl ring

Another stunning gift from William

No wonder that William chose Cartier as the brand has been beloved by royals for many, many years! Kate and Pippa Middleton both wear a Ballon Bleu de Cartier (you can buy one for S$6,300 onwards), whereas Meghan Markle and Princess Diana were seen with Cartier's Tank. Well, we must admit that the watch looks really luxurious and impressive!

The Fern Brooch

Kate Middleton was photographed wearing Queen Elizabeth II's fern brooch a couple of times when she was officially visiting New Zealand for the first time. The brooch was previously given to the queen during her coronation world tour in 1953 and 1954. Then, the brooch was commissioned by a local Kiwi women's group that was willing to pay tribute to their queen.

It's just stunning!

She wore it during the visit in New Zealand in 2014

The fern is an important New Zealand emblem and Kate is aware of this fact. The queen was wearing it to many New Zealand-related functions, and the Dutchess of Cambridge feels really appreciated and proud to be the first person to whom the Queen has loaned it out. She looks even more stunning with this lovely Fern Brooch. Who wouldn't like such jewelry?

Princess Diana's engagement ring

The maple-leaf brooch

According to the Royal Collection Trust, this magnificent maple-leaf brooch was given to the late Queen Mother, Elizabeth, from her husband King George VI, to celebrate her state visit to Canada in 1939. And she wore it during her tour and also after it finished, for example, when she crossed the Atlantic aboard the ship, the Empress of Australia.

The brooch was given to the queen mother by her husband

Now it belongs to Kate and it seems that this is one of the most favorite pieces of jewelry for her. The Duchess wore the brooch a few times throughout her first tour of Canada with Prince William, five years ago. A good news is that Buckingham Palace added a replica of the brooch to its official gift shop. Now, you can also have it in your closet! Who wants it?

Green amethyst earrings

Do you wonder what Kate received from William for their first Christmas as a married couple? Of course, it was a piece of jewelry and William didn't just pick any kind of jewelry she liked in a shop. He knew that Kate's favorite jewelry designer isKiki McDonough so he decided to buy her a pair of oval green amethyst earrings surrounded by diamonds and set in 18-karat yellow gold.

They seem to have much significance for her

The price is of course unbelievably high but it paid off as Kate seems to like those green amethyst earrings very much! She first wore them to church on Christmas Day that year, and they appear to have incredible significance for her because she also wore them to church on Christmas Day in 2013 and 2015. And they look really great with anything that the Dutchess is wearing!

A diamond band

After Prince George was born, Kate was seen wearing an interesting third ring on her wedding finger. This mysterious piece of jewelry turned out to be a diamond eternity band. Well, it is said to have been given to Kate as a "push present" from her husband. However, we don't know if this fact is true or not. Only Kate and William know the truth.

A lovely gift from Prince William

She is still wearing this slim diamond eternity band by Anoushka along with her engagement and wedding rings and we must admit that she presents it in the most graceful way. Well, this micro-pave Eclipse diamond eternity band is set in 18K white gold! And it's worth $1300 so who would be able to forget about such a stunning piece of jewelry?

The Lotus Flower tiara

This impressive Lotus Flower Tiara was worn by several generations of royal women. It was loaned to Princess Kate by Queen Elizabeth from her collection that dates back to the Queen’s mother in the 1920s. Then, the Queen Mother gave it to her second daughter, Margaret, in 1959, just before she married Antony Armstrong-Jones. Wow, incredible!

This tiara was worn in the past by the Kate, the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret

The Royal Post claims that in Geoffrey C. Munn’s book Tiaras, A History of Splendour, the tiara is considered as "one of the prettiest of Queen Elizabeth’s tiaras … arranged as a band of stylized lotus flowers and overreaching arches, with the graduated pinnacles surmounted by a single pearl." Now Kate Middleton is wearing it proudly, on many occasions, she likes it!

The Nizam of Hyderabad necklace

The Nizam of Hyderabad necklace was one of the first major pieces of jewelry that were loaned to Kate by the Queen. The necklace was a wedding gift to Elizabeth from the Nizam of Hyderabad in 1947. It seems to have a long and amazing history and Kate can be really glad to have it borrowed from the Queen. We have to admit it is just stunning! Wow!

This diamond necklace Queen Elizabeth II received as a wedding gift

Kate wore this piece of jewelry for the first time in public in 2014. The Dutchess appeared wearing this necklace at a gala organized at the National Portrait Gallery. And it also appeared on many photographs! She was wearing a diamond cluster and baguette earrings as well. We just hope that Kate will receive even more gorgeous pieces of jewelry because she presents them very well.

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