Published 2018-07-23
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How men and women see different colours

Men and women are different in many areas of their lives. Well, actually we can say that they speak different languages and perceive things in a different way. And it also concerns colours! It seems that men don't know such a wide variety of colours and hues as women do. "Magenta, maroon teal? Do they really exist?" This question could be asked only by men who seem not know about some things that women talk about every day! Especially when they go shopping. Let's see what are those differences.

Woman - maraschino, man - red

Woman - maroon, man - purple

Woman - plum, man - purple

Woman - eggplant, man - purple

Woman - orchid, man - purple

Woman - lavender, man - purple

Woman - carnation, man - pink

Woman - magenta, man - pink

Woman - salmon, man - pink

Woman - tangerine, man - orange

Woman - banana, man - yellow

Woman - lemon, man - yellow,

Woman - lime, man - green

Woman - fern, man - green

Woman - moss, man - green

Woman - clover, man - green

Woman - sky, man - blue

Woman - teal, man - blue

Woman - turquoise, man - blue

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