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Young lovers of the famous celebrities

Dating someone who is older than you is something that is considered as the norm in our society for women. Even dating someone who is your age is still ok but when you date the person who is younger than you, that is when the judgmental eyes stare! People all become relationship experts saying if you are going to look for a relationship with a future, this is not the way. They start questioning your judgments and everything suddenly changes! However, in the Hollywood word, this is a lot more acceptable right now so here is the list of young lovers of the famous celebrities!

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet - 11 years gap

The love story of these two is the talk of the town. Jason had been in love with his wife since he was 8 and the age gap between the two is 12 years. He said: "Listen it was more than [love at first sight]. Ever since I was 8 years old and I saw her on the TV I was like, 'Mommy, I want that one,' I was like, 'I'm going to stalk you for the rest of my life, and I'm going to get you.' I'm a full-fledged stalker. But yeah, I've just always wanted to meet her. She was a queen, always,"

Halle Berry and Alex Da Kid - 16 years gap

The protagonist of the movie "Monster's Ball" has been diagnosed from the early age of 23 years with one of the illnesses that unfortunately are more common today: diabetes. People who are unfortunately affected by it cannot properly metabolize all the sugar circulating in their blood, so it is necessary that once or twice a day, they have to undergo insulin injections. Halle confirmed her relationship with Alex by uploading a photo of the two of them on Instagram with the caption, ‘My balance.’

Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne - 10 years gap

Another couple that proves the irrelevance of age in love is formed by two British musicians. Cheryl and Liam managed to fall in love and even have a child! If you believe that the dreams are not fulfilled, that the story of the former member of One Direction will serve as an example: he and his beautiful girlfriend met again 10 years after they met in one of the television programs! Even though right now they no longer are a part of one another’s life, once they were!

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling - 7 years gap

Ryan Gosling born in 1980 is a Canadian actor and musician. Ryan and Eva are believed to create the most mysterious couple in Hollywood. They got married in June 2016. Until the day of their marriage came, everything had been kept in a secret. Surprisingly, it was Eva who proposed to Ryan, but generally, it's the other way round. There was a possibility to keep it in secret thanks to a fact that they invited only 30 people to their wedding. Ryan and Eva have two children, Esmeralda Amanda and Amanda Lee.

Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima - 14 years gap

Even though the Kardashians are one of the celebrities that are earning money with selling their life, Kourtney is not really that comfortable sharing many parts of her life on TV, one of which is her relationship with Younes Bendjima. The two were photographed in Cannes and ever since, all we have seen from the two of them is the number of holidays and trips they go on and nothing more! They seem to be fine and their relationship is going forward pretty well despite the recent hindrances!

Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble - 25 years gap

The last boyfriend of the mother of all the Kardashian and Jenner girls stands out among his ex-husbands for two reasons. First: he does not insist on marrying her, and second: he is 25 years younger. Despite the criticism, the union is still standing and both Kris and Corey look at ease in this way. It may be a bit shocking that your older daughters are the same age as your lover, but who cares if they are having such a good time?

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez - 6 years gap

The magazine "People", one of the most popular media of the world, revealed in March of 2017 that Jennifer Lopez had started a relationship with the baseball player Alex Rodriguez, known for being part of the popular New York Yankees team. Looking at where they are right now in the relationship, they sure are going to stay forever. Sources close to Lopez have commented that both are very happy with their current situation.

Madonna and Jesus Luz - 28 years gap

Let's be honest: "The Material Girl" has long preferred the company of men younger than her. The father of her kids, the English director Guy Ritchie (48), for example, is 10 years younger than the Queen of Pop, although he is not the only one who follows this pattern in the life of the singer. Both the Brazilian model Jesus Luz and the French choreographer Brahim Zaibat can also boast of having gone out with the singer ...

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher - 16 years gap

The case of this couple was quite particular, because when they met and married, the beautiful Demi looked not only as a million dollars but also much better than twenty years before. Looking at them together it was really hard to believe that Ashton was born 15 years after his wife. While it is a pity that his love has not endured, the truth is that by legalizing his union with the actress Mila Kunis the handsome guy hit his ex in the bull's eye!

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade - 10 years gap

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade at first met as they were co-hosting a Super Bowl party in 2007. They ended up being best friends as Gabrielle always mentions in her interview and at some point in her life she found out that she does not want to be away from him at all. They made their first appearance as a couple in 2010! They went on a break in 2018 and then after a while, they came back together and had the most magical wedding ever!

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden - 6 years gap

Although she is married to Good Charlotte musician Benji Madden for a while now and every day there are rumors that the couple soon will have a child, she admits that it feels good to choose the opposite option in full consciousness. The couple dated for seven months and then they became engaged in December 2014. Right after 17 days, on the 5th of January, 2015, they got married. Cameron claims that she has a wonderful life, and realizes that it may be because she was not a mom. For her, however, it is not an obligation, but an option that not everyone has to follow.

Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid - 13 years gap

The couple, Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid, started their loving relationship back in 2013 and right now he admits that it is scary how much in love he is with the Friends star Courteney Cox! He said: "I am in love even if I am difficult to love. It's hard to love me. Love is hard because it feels like a lot, and if you feel a lot you have a lot to lose and a lot to gain. When something is there it can be scary and it can be hard but overall it is something that we decide to work on and we decide to put ourselves into."

Sam Taylor-Wood and Aaron Taylor Johnson - 23 years gap

Sam Taylor-Wood and Aaron Taylor Johnson met when she was directing him on the John Lennon biopic Nowhere Boy in 2009. Back then he was 19 and she 42, later on they got engaged in 2012. And they welcomed two daughters. Aaron believes that he is the one with the old sould and Sam is the one with the young soul which has helped them to be the great couple they are right now!

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry - 9 years gap

Halle Berry was seen with a T-shirt talking about how she wants no more boyfriends in her life but she also has been around here and there with different guys and what they all have in common is that she is older than them all! Halle Berry, the beautiful actress was 9 years older than her then partner, Gabriel Aubry, the fruit of which her daughter Nahla Aubry was born in 2008; they separated in 2010, after four years together ...

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Gosling - 16 years gap

Ryan Gosling has always seemed like a great guy to date, very attentive to all his girlfriends, especially with the speech he gave at the Golden Globes to his wife Eva Mendes, which caused women from all over the world to melt. Before settling down, he had a brief affair with Sandra Bullock, whom he met on the set of "Murder by Numbers." Despite the fact that there is an age difference of 16 years between the two, both started a romance. They were together for a year before breaking up, for which Ryan was very upset.

Shakira and Gerard Piqué - 10 years gap

Although the difference in age between the famous Colombian singer and the well-known Catalan footballer is one of many dissimilarities that exist between them, everything seems to indicate that the relationship they established a decade ago serves both equally. Not only do they continue to develop professionally, but they also became the parents of two precious children ...

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon - 10 years gap

Debuted in 1998, Carey is among the most successful singers of all time, since throughout her musical career she has managed to market more than 200 million "singles". In 2008, she married Nick Cannon, but 6 years later their union ended. Mariah said: "It’s not that we had NO intimacy, we just didn’t have complete intimacy. It’s just me, and my feelings. I definitely don’t want to push it on anybody else. But we both have similar beliefs, and I just thought that it would be so much more special if we waited until after we were married. And it was, and it still is."

Deborra Lee Furness and Hugh Jackman - 12 years gap

The couple met on the set of Australian TV show Correlli and married a year later. Now married for 20 years Hugh Jackman said that when he met Deb he didn’t fall in love with her appearance but personality the most. He did not forget to also state the fact that she seemed very beautiful to him. Let's be honest, with the look and heart he has, Hugh would be able to make any woman fall in love. He now can boast of being happily married to a woman 13 years older than him. The most beautiful of all is that they have been together for more than 20 years.

Julianne Moore and Bart Freundlich - 9 years gap

Julianne Moore and Bart Freundlich, she being 9 years older than her partner, the actress and her husband committed to one another in 2003, and the fruit of this relationship is two children, Liv and Caleb. They are one of the most loved and most good-looking couples of all time and also the best on the list provided for you!

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