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Stars who shaved their heads

Being bald can be really beautiful - a lot of stars try to prove it. Indeed, you don't need to have hair like Matthew McConaughey or George Clooney to be attractive! That's why a lot of Hollywood celebrities experimented with their hairstyles and as a consequence, they stayed bald or some of them were required to shave their heads for some film roles. No matter what was the reason for such a decision, we must admit that most of them look still attractive! Do you think the same?

James Franco

Matt Damon

David Beckham

Tom Cruise

Cate Blanchett

James Franco

Hugh Jackman

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Bruce Willis

Britney Spears

Jason Statham

Adam Levine

Colin Farrell

Chris Pine

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Jake Gyllenhaal

Shia Labeouf

Prince William

Anne Hathaway

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