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Fictional characters that were living double lives

We know our favorite movie mostly because of the character in the movie that stood up for us. Someone that whenever we think of the movie, we see that one character even if they are not in the lead role of the movie. Someone of these roles has special features that they are remembered for that like Edward Scissorhands! Some others, like Hannah Montana, have the best of both world and are living two lives one mostly as some sort of a superhero and the other as a normal person! Here is a list of fictional characters that were living double lives!

Bruce Wayne - Batman

Buffy Summers - The Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Peter Parker - Spider-Man

Clark Kent - Superman

Daniel Hillard - Euphegenia Doubtfire

Dexter Morgan - Dexter

Walter White - Heisenberg

Bob Parr - Mr. Incredible

Kim Possible

Sabrina Spellman

Stanley Ipkiss - The Mask

Dr. Hannibal Lecter - Hannibal

Kara Zor-el - Kara Danvers

Lucius Best - Frozone

Scott Calvin - Santa Claus

Jane Smith & John Smith

Miley Stewart - Hannah Montana

Claire Bennet

Sidney Bristow

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