Published 2018-07-31
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Most honest company slogans!

What crosses your mind when you think about brands such as Skittles, Red Bull, Nike, McDonald's and a lot more is the slogan of the company, right?!! Of course, when it is the talk of the fast food, the first thing that crosses your mind hearing the name of the brand is the product they are known for but also the slogan if they had worked enough on it and if it has been catchy enough to stick around after all these years. Slogans, when smart enough, can be something that can make your product stand out from so many others and have a direct impact on your audience. Here is a list of the honest ones!

Youtube - Don’t read the comments

Adobe Acrobat - Would you like to update?!

Google - Just try using another search engine

Youtube - Don’t read the comments

Pizza Hut - We have a salad bar for some reason

LinkedIn - Connect with people for no reason at all

Men’s Health - Every issue promised perfect abs

Victoria’s Secret - Lowering a woman’s self-esteem since 1977

iTunes - I have not read the Terms and Conditions

Netflix - Spend more time searching than actually watching

Gillette - we’re just going to keep adding more blades

IKEA - We throw in extra parts just to mess with you

Monopoly - A great way to ruin friendships

Urban Outfitters - Pay money to look homeless

Tinder - Wait… Which one are you!?

Bic - You probably didn’t buy it

Louis Vuitton - Probably fake

BuzzFeed - Nobody cares which Disney character you’d be

Toblerone - The airport chocolate

Levi's - Wearable Napkins

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Most popular company slogans- who knows them all?
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