Published 2018-08-02
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Bond gadgets that can be found in shops

Underwater cars, smartwatches, fingerprint scanners, x-ray glasses - you know all of them if you've ever watched James Bond. This movie series is famous for innovative, creative and very smart gadgets that saved Bond's life many times. The good news is that now you can be just like James Bond and obtain those devices for your own use! You just need to have some money to spare. Well, quite a lot of money, to be honest! Let's see some luxurious Bond gadgets in this article and decide if they are worth buying or not.

Aston Martin

Spy pen

Ring camera


Robot dog

Underwater car

The sQuba prototype costs $1.5 million


They can make phone calls, draw pictures and monitor your fitness levels

Fingerprint scanner

You can pick up a mobile scanner for around $50 in order to keep your computer safe


Gyroplane can cost up to $100,000

GPS tracking device

An indestructible car

Flameless USB Lighter


X-ray glasses

Bluetooth gloves

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