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Stinkiest celebrities in Hollywood

When you are a celebrity, you are surely surrounded by other people all the time. Co-workers at the movie sets, your friends, photographers, interviewers - after all, you are constantly in the spotlight! And you are supposed to look good and smell nice an fresh. Well, it turns out that not all celebrities take it into account... You probably wouldn't like to meet them. It's hard to believe how many of them don't brush their teeth, use deodorant or take a shower! And the list includes even the most prominent stars! Check it out!

Megan Fox doesn't like cleaning

Uma Thurman - clothes covered in smelly food

Cameron Diaz - food stains on her clothes and wearing the same outfit even for 4 days!

Brad Pitt rarely takes a shower

Orlando Bloom rarely showers and wears the same clothes for a couple of days

Russell Crowe - he stinks and many people avoid him

Johnny Depp avoids taking a shower

Bradley Cooper - he doesn't use a deodorant

Jessica Simpson - she just uses mouthwash instead of brushing her teeth

Zac Efron doesn't take a shower after playing basketball

Matthew McConaughey doesn't use deodorant

Robert Pattinson avoids washing and changing clothes

Courteney Cox - her ex says that "she smells like a truck driver"

Christina Aguilera smells like hot dogs, according to people who were around her at least once

Julia Roberts rarely takes a shower and avoids deodorants

Lindsay Lohan - her teeth are really smelly

Britney Spears rarely brushes her teeth

Miley Cyrus has terrible mouth hygiene

Colin Farrell - just look at his greasy hair...

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