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Types of relationships that exist and the future that awaits them

Although many people believe that true love is impossible to describe, the results of the latest scientific evidence show that romantic relationships are somewhat easier to catalog. It is possible to determine the future of a couple based on the type of their relationship. You can easily see if it has any chance to work in the future or if it will just collapse.

Types of relationships that exist and the future that awaits them 1

Thanks to the efforts of scientists from the University of Illinois (United States), it is simpler than ever. The researchers asked 376 couples for help and conducted an experiment observing their relationships for several months. Based on this, they distinguished 4 types of relationships and described their most important characteristics. See which of the characteristics is the closest to your own relationship and see what the experts say about your destiny...

Types of relationships that exist and the future that awaits them 2

1. Holiday lovers

Partners who belong to this category have a peculiar taste for communicating through social networks.

1. Holiday lovers

Together and separately, they are always surrounded by a lot of friends and acquaintances. What they like the most are fun and adventure.

1. Holiday lovers 1

They also spend their free time playing cards or playing board games, cooking together or going out dancing. They consider themselves best friends.

1. Holiday lovers 2

Since they don't dare to make any decision without consulting their "other half", they know how to reach compromises and give up when necessary. Among this group, 2/3 of the people who took part in the experiment ended up getting married.

1. Holiday lovers 3

Since it is a union based on friendship, partners often form the most united and stable families in the future. However, they are not the only ones!

2. Problematic lovers

2. Problematic lovers

You belong to this group if your relationship goes through many difficult times and communication problems.

2. Problematic lovers 1

The couple usually makes decisions based on their own negative experiences (which are also surprisingly frequent) from the past.

2. Problematic lovers 2

They argue much more than other people and, therefore, they like to spend their free time mostly in the company of their own friends, or simply separately.

2. Problematic lovers 3

The fact that their existence together is based on arguments and fights influences the negativity of the relationship who are simply like "drama lovers".

2. Problematic lovers 4

Since their incessant conflicts end up gaining strength and destroying the union between the two, it is not surprising that they separate twice as often as others.

2. Problematic lovers 5

It should be noted that less than half of the couples who participated in the study decided to get married.

3. Violent lovers

3. Violent lovers

If your love relationship stands out mainly by a high dose of passion and emotions, if your meetings can't end without fights, even if you quickly reconcile, this is the point when which you should pay more attention.

3. Violent lovers 1

This union will always be difficult to maintain. Pressure, tension, negative emotions - all those factors won't help you build a successful and long-term relationship.

3. Violent lovers 2

Since passion and desire in a relationship is not everything, partners tend not to separate too often and become tired of the constant changes in their feelings.

3. Violent lovers 3

Although the problematic and passionate people love hard, their affection often ends up fading away and - in a certain part of all cases examined by scientists - disappearing altogether. So sad!

4. Real lovers

4. Real lovers

The last group on our list are the lovers who enjoy spending most of their time together. They have similar hobbies, share tastes, and interests which makes their relationship stable and fun at the same time.

4. Real lovers 1

Both partners take their time before making important decisions, and they know how to reach a compromise. They also have the same plans for the future and know that they can trust each other regardless of the circumstances.

4. Real lovers 2

Thanks to their great maturity and understanding, the last group turned out to be the happiest and really lucky ones. As the conclusions of the Illinois scientists indicated, 90% of the couples described in this way formed stable families and remained united.

Which of these groups does your relationship belong to? Do you think you will be able to live happily?

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4. Real lovers 3
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