Published 2018-09-04
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Famous names that everyone pronounces in a wrong way

Every situation becomes a bit strange when you do not say a name with the necessary familiarization. When there is no deal with that person or only his or her name is known hears it is normal that there are certain confusions. After several investigations of magazines and companies in the musical field, it has been concluded that there is a series of celebrities who would never look at whoever calls them since the pronunciation is very bad or null. Below are a series of cases, some more logical and others more complicated that take place every day in different places in the world.

Chiwetel Ejiofor

Chiwetel Ejiofor

Gal Gadot

Rhys Ifans

Madchen Amick

Selena Gómez is actually Selina

Lorde is pronounced Lord

U2 is really You Two

Kanye West is actually pronounced Kani

R.E.M should spell as "ar i em"

Usher is pronounced Assshe

Bebe Rexha is Bibi

Kylie Jenner is pronounced Kaili

Chiara Ferragni is pronounced Kiara

Justin Bieber is pronounced justIN bierBER


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