Published 2018-09-04
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Blue Ivy, Beyonce's daughter has a life full of extravagant luxuries

Being the daughter of Beyoncé comes with a great deal of privilege and Blue Ivy has them all. She is currently considered as one of the most influential little girls internationally. Her mother's fame and money as well as Jay-Z’s had given all kinds of banalities to this little girl. Having had 2 babysitters always at her full and total disposition, still, the parents have taken care of her and her education at all times.

Blue Ivy, Beyonce's daughter has a life full of extravagant luxuries 1

Being known all over the world, the girl has a bodyguard who protects her 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And as if that was not enough, she has an exclusive chef for her who prepares the food in the form of dancers as the girl asks for it.

1. By the age of 6, she has done things and attended events that many do not get the chance in their whole life.

2. She has walked the runways around the world without missing a Fashion Week.

3. Francesco Scognamiglio, Mischka Aoki and Giuseppe Zanotti have been some of the designers who have dressed her.

4. Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana could not be missed in this child's closet either.

5. She has a dressing room for herself with clothes that are worth thousands of dollars.

6. She has gone to the MTV, VMAs with her mother and has walked on the red carpet.

7. Dancing is her passion and she attends one of the best schools in the world.

8. She is so diva that she has breakfast accordingly!

9. With 6 years of age, she has a mobile phone.

10. She even wears Swarovski jewelry.

11. She can afford to fall asleep during Super Bowl.

12. Manicure, please!

13. There is little difference between living like this and going to a hotel.

14. She can wear a princess tiara.

15. What will happen if the princess is dethroned?

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