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The spooky case of the Papin sisters that shook the entire nation

There are numerous stories of serial killers and horrible murder cases that have been taken to both literature and the big screen. Unfortunately, these abominable events have served to show the world the atrocities that the human mind can imagine and perpetrate, and at the same time, they have also taken several million dollars to those who have used them for their personal benefit. On this occasion, we present a case that has been taken to the theater and literature and that, due to its violence and horripilate, shook an entire country.

The spooky case of the Papin sisters that shook the entire nation 1

Two sisters who completely lost their temper in an inexplicable way and ended the lives of two people in charge.

The spooky case of the Papin sisters that shook the entire nation 2

1. The story took place in Le Mans, France, on February 2, 1933.

2. The terrible events were perpetrated by Sisters Christine and Léa Papin.

3. Christine was born in 1905, while her younger sister, Léa came to the world in 1911.

4. Both, who also had another sister, had a very complicated childhood, with an alcoholic father and even apparent abuse.

5. When Christine and Léa were old enough, they decided to find a home that would allow them to carry out housework and provide them with accommodation.

6. The opportunity of their life came in 1926 when René Lancelin and his wife Léonie hired them for it.

7. A couple of French aristocrats lived with one of their two daughters, Geneviève.

8. During their stay in the Lancelin mansion, the sisters always received a decent payment for their work, as well as accommodation.

9. However, little by little both developed a strange behavior of isolation. They rarely spoke with the owners of the house.

10. However, a rare closeness between them was evident.

11. People even thought that they had carnal approaches.

12. The chilling events came on a winter morning in February 1933.

13. It was due to the reduction of the salary for the payment of the repair of the electrical installations that Christine argued with Madame Lancelin.

14. The argument led the older sister to hit her mistress on the head with a heavy jug. Meanwhile, the daughter of the woman, Geneviève, tried to defend her.

15. In response, Christine attacked her by removing her eyes from the eye orbit and told her sister Léa, who appeared on the scene, to do the same with Madame Lancelin.

16. Not satisfied with this, both went to the kitchen and extracted several tools, including a mallet and a knife and began to cut off the inner body organs of their victims lying on the ground.

17. When the police arrived at the place hours after the events, they found, to their surprise, the naked sisters together in their room. The crime scene was horrifying.

18. During the trials, both sisters were diagnosed with a disorder known as "Folie à deux" (madness of two) and received their sentence.

19. Christine was sentenced to capital punishment, however, she was later changed to life imprisonment. For her part, Léa was sentenced to forced labor for ten years.

20. Neither of the sisters could overcome the separation. Christine died in 1937, only 4 years after her crime; while Léa, who lived in oblivion with a new identity, died in 2001 at the age of 90.

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