Published 2018-09-04
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Why Meghan Markle always wears shoes that are one or two size bigger for her

Controversies towards British Royals are always present as each member is subjected to various comments for neutral things such as their choice of outfit and a lot more things. In recent days, several interesting comments have been made on the wardrobe of the Duchess of Sussex, and its compliance with different protocols. The truth is that since Meghan Markle is now a member of the royal family, she has to follow a series of rules that can often be a bit funny.

Next, we present some interesting information related to the former American actress…

1. The Duchess of Sussex since becoming a member of the royal family has opted to wear plus size shoes.

2. The former actress has become a very talked about style icon.

3. Meghan has always been characterized by being very concerned about her image, but lately, she has the talk of the town for her big heels.

4. According to fashion expert Harriet Davey: "Celebs often go a size up, or even two, in the shoe department when…"

"...they’re at an event or on the red carpet and it’s for one reason we can all relate to – to avoid blisters."

5. Now we understand why the Duchess chooses to use this size of shoes.

6. If you are a woman, surely you understand the discomfort that tight heels give you.

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7. Swelling can cause blisters and bunions in women who wear shoes that are somewhat tight.

8. Another interesting thing that has captured the attention of the public is that Meghan has filled her clothing wardrobe with neutral color.

9. According to experts, Meghan uses clear tones as a sign of respect for the Queen.

10. When the Duchess is in the company of Her Majesty, she never exhibits flashy clothes.

11. Even if the Queen loves the light colors in her dresses.

12. Another fact that causes a lot of fuss among Internet users is that both the Duchess of Sussex and the Duchess of Cambridge sometimes dress in a similar way.

13. The two incredible women are sometimes altered in colors but the way of dressing is very similar.

14. It is clear that everything is very new for Meghan Markle so she has to get used to it little by little.

15. There is no doubt that the Duchess of Sussex is winning the hearts of the English every day.

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