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The first man who became pregnant already has four children

It seems that nowadays there is nothing that could surprise us. Although we hear more and more strange news, in some way we are already accustomed to shocking titles that only want to attract more readers. However, from time to time we spot something that can leave us perplexed and make us read it twice. It is precisely what happens to many people when they hear about the first man who became pregnant. Yes, it's true, a man got pregnant and already has four children (his fourth child was born by his new partner, Amber Nicholas).

The first man who became pregnant already has four children 1

It seems that there are no impossible things, but only those that take time. Well, it begins to have a very symbolic meaning. With the advancement of medicine and other areas of life, we can witness incredible miracles. Fortunately, there are more and more ways to cure the diseases that once killed whole villages, there are vaccines and the health service improves quickly. And today we want to show the story of a man who has changed his gender and is considered the first male to give birth.

1. Thomas Trace Beatie is an American who was born as a woman and was previously called Tracy Lehuanani LaGondino. From his early years, he realized that he was born in the wrong body.

2. When Beatie was just 10 years old, she began to identify with the male gender. Even though she tried to live normally, she knew that one day she would like to change sex.

3. At age 23 she began a special treatment that allowed her to change gender. However, she decided to save his internal reproductive organs.

4. One of his greatest dreams was always to have a large family, which justifies his decision to keep the reproductive organs intact.

5. Before getting married, Beatie was able to officially change her name from feminine to masculine in all her documents.

6. He even changed his birth certificate, driver's license, passport, and life insurance. At last, he was able to start the new life as a different person.

7. In 2003 Beatie got married to Nancy Gillespie. As the woman was infertile, Beatie decided to undergo a treatment that would allow him to have children.

8. Thanks to technological development and artificial insemination, he has given birth to three children. He is considered the first man to become pregnant.

9. The curious thing is that the birth certificates of the children involve the information that their official mother is Nancy despite the fact that she hasn't given birth to them.

10. Unfortunately, the couple divorced a few years later, but Thomas was left with legal custody of their three children.

11. In 2012 Thomas decided to modify his body even more and underwent another treatment to completely change the gender and be a 100% man.

12. Soon after he met a new partner, who gave birth to their fourth child!

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