Published 2018-09-07
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Zodiac signs that are more selfish than others

Some zodiac signs seem to be more egoistic than others. They want you to change to please them, they will criticize your every flaw and they will mostly think about their own needs and preferences. They may be incredible people but their biggest flaw is unfortunately egoism. Check out if you belong to this infamous group of zodiacs and remember that you can always work hard to be a better person!



Aries know what they want and they know exactly how to get it.

Aries 1

Aries are one of the most determined people with a selfish attitude.

Aries 2

They hate being uncomfortable.

Aries 3

They even fight to the death to take what they want.



They tend to be materialistic, selfish and greedy.

Taurus 1

They may become overly sensitive, possessive and overly emotional.

Taurus 2

Unfortunately, they are also prone to become greedy and always keep longing for more.

Taurus 3

You should stop being aggressive and keep calm!



Gemini is able to adapt to their environment because of their own selfish reasons.

Gemini 1

Others often describe them as superficial and vain.



Leos are not afraid of any obstacles. Everything is possible for them.

Leo 1

"What you see is what you get" is what a Leo truly believes that also makes them selfish.

Leo 2

Their eyes read what they want...

Leo 3

As Leo, you should make sacrifices if you want people to hang out with you.



Virgo is a very careful and accurate sign.

Virgo 1

They always see others' flaws and wrong-doings.

Virgo 2

And they are the first ones to criticise everyone else.

Virgo 3

Virgo will judge you in every slightest matter.

Virgo 4

The will point out your flaws as though they are perfect...

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