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Some of the weirdest celebrity beauty secrets

Bee sting

Gwyneth Paltrow admitted to New York Times that she uses bee stings as her beauty treatment. The bee sting therapy is an ancient treatment called apitherapy. It’s used to remove inflammation and scars. However, she also admitted that it’s painful. There’s no way we’re going to even try this when we can barely handle needles in hospitals.


What in the world?! Eva Longoria and Katie Holmes swear by this. They acquire their beautiful baby soft skin by using placenta. They use expensive skin lotions and creams that contain this product. Apparently, it helps boost collagen and the moisture of the skin. At least we know it works! From our article, you will find out many more interesting beauty tricks that you have probably never heard about
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Haemorrhoid cream

Okay, this does not sound so bad because it still comes under the category of “medicinal creams”, but definitely weird. According to Sandra Bullock, the cream helps in the puffiness and fine lines around the eyes. However, we wouldn’t recommend it unless you consult with your doctor because the skin around the eye and on the face is very delicate.


This makes sense because it had been used in ancient times to draw out impure blood from sick patients. Demi Moore has a very different approach to detoxing and flushing out the toxins from her body. Instead of the traditional juices and herbal teas, she flew off to Austria to have medically trained leeches to suck on her. Sometimes it's hard to believe how much women are able to do for the beautiful appearance.

Bird poop

Brb! That is REALLY weird! Victoria Beckham loves a traditional Japanese Geisha Facial. This treatment uses droppings from nightingales to form a paste for cleansing. We only hope and pray that it’s at least purified before being used. But it clearly works because she has perfect skin and still manages to look younger with age.


After Angelina Jolie gave birth to the twins, she used Baerii sturgeon to reduce the stretch marks and scars. Fish eggs or caviar are rich in oil and omega, which makes it an extremely natural and strong moisturizer, not to mention super expensive too. We wonder if it has the very foul smell of fish, too bad we’re too broke to even try it.

Snake venom

Okay, we need a moment to take it all in. From bird poop to placenta to bee stings and now snake venom?? Isn’t that supposed to be poisonous? The poison apparently relaxes the muscles, like botox, except it’s not that strong. Debra Messing uses a snake venom infused eye cream by Kate Somerville to smooth her wrinkles.

Smelling grapefruit oil

Jennifer Lopez sniffs for 15 mins on grapefruit oil to control the cravings, especially when she tries resist donuts. She also covers herself in Crème De la Mer which is £167 for 60 ml. This cream better grants us three wishes and a mansion if it’s this expensive. It is just so damn expensive that we can’t even consider buying it. Are you curious what else we have for you? Check it out!

Clear tape

Lady Gaga uses tape for makeup removal. In 2009, Kabuki, the makeup artist, used tape to take off the black glitter from her eyes. Normally we all use some kind of toner, oil or cream to get rid of all the makeup. Using clear tape is definitely a first. But it cannot be much different from waxing, can it? Nevertheless, both are extremely painful.

Just because there are all these celebrities who use bizarre methods like mentioned here, doesn’t mean we’ve to try them too. We’re not promoting or encouraging you to use any of these beauty tricks, but just stating the facts. So if you decide to try them out, do it at your own risk. At least we gave you a few new options.
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