Published 2017-01-09
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Things you should know before you date a January born

We all know how difficult and complicated dating and relationships are, so getting a little help from the stars it never hurt anyone. If you ever come across a January born and fall head over heels with them, you might want to be aware of what you'll be getting yourself into. So we've some traits that may be common among all the people born during the first month of the year. However, we don't guarantee all of it, there are exceptions and everyone is different.

They aren’t expressive when it comes to love

People born during this month are generally not the kind of people who are very expressive when it comes to their emotions. So dating them during the early days will be difficult since you don't know how they feel about you. They're more drawn to power, success and wealth, but that won't make them choose wealth over love if they found the perfect one.
Our article will help you even better understand all born in January.
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You may have to work a little and be patient on getting your January born partner to share their feelings with you. It's going to take time, but there's no doubt that it's going to be worth the wait because once they commit they're all in. And nothing can come between the two of you that’s going to break the bond.

Wildness runs in their blood

The saying "Don't judge a book by its cover" has never been truer. They are the kind of people who change their personality or behavior depending on the people they are with. But don't get it confused with split personality. Coz it's not! You'll see their fun side as soon as they get comfortable around you.
It is best to find out who people born in January really are, so check what else we have for you.

If you haven't got the chance to know them very well, you should know that they're a bunch of party animals! They're always showing off their cool (or weird) dance moves, and the best part is that they're not an ounce ashamed of it. You'll never be bored when around a January born because they try to never miss an opportunity to make you laugh.

Either they lead, or they’re simply not interested

Making major decisions in a relationship with a January born is nearly not even possible. It's easier to have it their way or not. It's not their fault that sometimes they can't help but lead, control or organize other people, which comes in the way of being insensitive to others. We're not saying that you have to fall at their feet and listen to everything they say. We’re just letting you know, and if need be it shouldn’t stop you from putting your foot down and saying how you feel.

Their dominant and bossy attitude could let you in the shadow, you may feel like you do not have the freedom to voicing and your opinions. That is how must of your relationship will be, but again if it gets out of hand don't sit quietly. In spite of all this, if they love you with all their heart, they'll do everything in them to make you loved. And will do anything to keep you happy.

They can give even the top comedians, a run for money

It's sometimes hard to believe, but under all that hard exterior, is actually a melting pot of jokes, humor, wittiness and sarcasm. They'll find even the smallest of opportunity to make bend over and laugh. So the January borns are the best people to be around if you're not feeling down. And their spontaneous comebacks is one not to be missed.
Curious what we had left for the very end?

Sometimes they have the tendency to do things before thinking when they're bored and has nothing to do. They might seem a little offensive or aggressive because of their attitude and behavior. Don't let that fool you. You won't know what hit you when you are suddenly laughing and crying as a result of it. They say laughter is the best medicine for a reason right?

In the end, you couldn’t be happier to be with a January born. You may even feel like it’s the best thing that ever happened to you! If you’re already with a January born you know what we’re talking about, if you’re not then you know what to expect when you come across them. Also, this dog below is all of us when we see our favorite person after a long time.
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Lekha Moundekar
Lekha Moundekar 2/7/17, 7:13 AM
Ramin Safi i can so very much relate to it!! :D
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Vedika Joshi 2/7/17, 7:13 AM
Hahaha so accurate!
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Archa Baburaj 2/4/17, 7:11 AM
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Neha Shukla
Neha Shukla 2/4/17, 7:11 AM
very much true... every single word...:)
Neha Shukla
Neha Shukla 2/4/17, 7:11 AM
very much true... every single word...:)
Shivani Arya
Shivani Arya 2/4/17, 7:11 AM
Shivam Choudhary read it!!
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Hashim Raza 2/4/17, 7:11 AM
Iréna Rafa This is so accurate *** :o
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Madhurima Sarkar 2/4/17, 7:11 AM
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Kishalay Bhowmick
Kishalay Bhowmick 2/4/17, 7:11 AM
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Kishalay Bhowmick
Kishalay Bhowmick 2/4/17, 7:11 AM
tai vabi .. eto ta exact ki kore hy
Madhurima Sarkar
Madhurima Sarkar 2/4/17, 7:11 AM
Por por .... Mon die pore jene rakh...
Kishalay Bhowmick
Kishalay Bhowmick 2/4/17, 7:11 AM
1st point ta tui likhe diyechis oder??
Kishalay Bhowmick
Kishalay Bhowmick 2/4/17, 7:11 AM
tai vabi .. eto ta exact ki kore hy
Madhurima Sarkar
Madhurima Sarkar 2/4/17, 7:11 AM
Por por .... Mon die pore jene rakh...
Rakhi Nemani
Rakhi Nemani 2/3/17, 7:11 AM
It is so you Jay Gandhi. And every relation point was true for the your case ;-)
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Twinkle Khandelwal 2/3/17, 7:11 AM
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Nani Babing 2/3/17, 7:11 AM
Out of 6 points only 1st point is true
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Gitesh Khurani 2/3/17, 7:11 AM
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