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People who make us question human's intelligence

Human beings can be considered quite creative and intelligent creatures, especially when faced with a problem. The truth is that the human brain is capable of everything since it has no limit, but many times it can play dirty for the simple fact of our laziness. Below, we present a series of cases where people who make us question human's intelligence ... There are situations where it seems that there is zero intelligence in the brain of these people! Why? Well, sometimes we do very stupid things and we do not realize it.

People who make us question human's intelligence 1

1. Some people should permanently get off of the Internet. This one went viral very fast! This pretty girl attended the funeral of a friend to comfort her after the death of a member of her family, but it seems that she did not have many black clothes that were "discreet". On the contrary, she decided to wear the most attractive outfit to see if she could meet a handsome young man at the funeral she was going to attend. Why did she think that dressing up in such a way was appropriate?

People who make us question human's intelligence 2

2. Creativity is man's best friend at all times. When used with intelligence! This boy wanted to fix a part of his air conditioner, and, without having any vertigo, climbed on the device that hung on the outer wall of his room. However, what he did not seem to be aware of was the serious danger he was facing, since the height from there was at least 7 meters. He had to be very hot, and that's why his head stopped working …

People who make us question human's intelligence 3

3. When you are lucky enough to capture this at a certain time of the day. The driver of this photo was at the right time and place to capture a truly unique document. Although it is not something incredible, it is rather strange that two trucks that do not have any relationship between them formed the name of an American singer, like Taylor Swift. What were the chances that there for this to happen, and that there was someone there to document it?

People who make us question human's intelligence 4

4. A maneuver that should not be very safe to perform. We do not know exactly what the man on top of this moving truck was about to do, but it was certainly not a cautious thing. Apparently, this man was holding a kind of wooden structure similar to a giant compass so that it would not fall to the ground. However, the one that could fall violently would be the individual, because on the road a bump would quickly throw him several meters …

People who make us question human's intelligence 5

5. Most women are the ones who do this kind of thing. Short-term memory? We all know more than one absent-minded friend, who can forget about the most basic aspects, but even if she presents this "awkwardness", she does not have to be in any kind of danger. However, if these individuals have a bad day, they could not only put their lives at risk but also that of others. This is the case for those who are going to refuel and do not care if the hose is connected …

People who make us question human's intelligence 6

6. "When you go to the supermarket to buy more beer and everyone wants to accompany you". The motorcycle of no more than 125 cubic centimeters that we see in the image below surely had a passenger limit of 2 people, but that did not seem to matter to the group of friends with very happy faces. And was the "capacity" of this vehicle multiplied by 3?! 6 guys got to ride on the bike. Any sudden turn would end with everyone on the ground …

People who make us question human's intelligence 7

7. Teamwork is overrated in modern times. These guys should rethink the strategy they had set to repair an item in their house or incorporate something because we cannot specify what they were trying to do. Two were engaged to hold one of the stairs that supported the young man above, an instrument that did not meet the needs. Another, on the right, kept the other staircase so that at least the boy who had climbed up had a bit of security ... Surely it did not end well.

People who make us question human's intelligence 8

8. Some people do not take precautions before doing something that may seem dangerous. This man trusted 100% in the hydraulic jack he used to lift his car while trying to repair it. However, maybe he could have left the wheel because if the mechanical instrument had failed for any reason, he would have been totally crushed. Maybe he is an expert on vehicles that already did things like that thousands of times, and it just seems like he thinks it's safe …

People who make us question human's intelligence 9

9. We all hope that the ladder will resist and that there is no wind to play against it. Another type of daredevil is those who decide to do the most dangerous or extreme things for themselves because they think they never need help. However, these are the ones that ultimately face the most fatal fates of all. The man in the image relied too much on the instrument he placed on top of his roof, to reach the antenna he was trying to fix …

People who make us question human's intelligence 10

10. Human ingenuity sometimes exceeds all boundaries. This pair of workers were not the smartest of their kind either, because they put together a good one to put a few posts that would later become a fence. And while one was dedicated to holding the item mentioned, the other hit him from above with a hammer to leave it well anchored to the ground. The most surreal thing happens when we observe what the second man was mounted on. Nothing less than in the arm of an excavator …

People who make us question human's intelligence 11

11. This photo is not photoshopped, but it was a real situation. Him being alive is a miracle! We do not know how this man was trapped in the limits of a power plant while almost the whole town had been flooded, but the truth is that if his only chance of survival was to hold on to the power lines, he had to really go through with it. Another detail that strikes us is the individual who made the photo ... Did he ask for help from emergency services?

People who make us question human's intelligence 12

12. For the owner of this car, working mechanically in this way poses no danger. The boy spotted the twelfth section of our article makes us think that the boy who trusted his hydraulic jack too much was not as crazy as we thought. This young man goes a step further in the recklessness since he used a trailer and a ramp badly made to raise his car. At any moment his vehicle could collapse and crush without an option to escape ... Let's hope it never happens.

People who make us question human's intelligence 13

13. "When your wife sends you out to take the dogs for a walk, but you're too lazy that you manage them in some other way." Although this man did not face a great danger like other individuals in this list, the strategy he used to avoid having to move is worth including him on this list. He turned a task of about 5 minutes into something much longer, by exercising less. This is how we can contemplate that laziness sharpens intelligence!

People who make us question human's intelligence 14

14. When the brain does not work properly, laziness begins to govern our lives. Just as being vague can make us smarter, it can also take away the few scruples we had in regard to hygiene. Those who live in this home seem to be collecting these finished tubes from the rolls of toilet paper, perhaps to recycle them and make a craft with them. It would be the only scenario in which these individuals would look fine and not crazy…

People who make us question human's intelligence 15

15. Sometimes human intelligence can be doubted. You have to use your head in every situation! That photo can greatly affect the maniacs of order, a scene that we can sadly see near supermarkets around the world. People do not care where they leave their carts, as long as they are able to use them. Thus we come to the end of our article, we hope that it has inspired you or at least entertained you. What do you think? Tell us, we are interested in your opinion.

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