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Natural remedies to cure a hangover

You spent a brilliant time with your friends partying the whole night. And of course, you weren’t just drinking water! Your friends were challenging you to take just one more drink and have fun. Yes, you had fun but now you are simply dying in your bed! Hopefully, you managed to walk to your bed but now you feel dizzy and everything is just going around before your eyes. You would literally drink the whole river if you could. Don’t worry! It’s just a hangover! This article will show you how to deal with this unpleasant memento.

Natural remedies to cure a hangover 1

It generally takes between 8 to 24 hours for hangover symptoms to disappear

Natural remedies to cure a hangover 2

According to research, impurities produced when alcohol is distilled are the cause of you feeling nauseous

Natural remedies to cure a hangover 3

If the drink is very sweet then the level of impurities is very high

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It’s crucial to stay hydrated when you're drinking at the party


Drink a lot of water between cocktails

Water 1

If you skip this rule, then at least drink as much water as you can when you have a hangover to flush the impurities from your body

Other fluids

Other fluids

However, water isn’t enough. You should drink electrolyte-rich fluids as well

Other fluids 1

Coconut water or bouillon soup can restore the salt and potassium that you’ve lost

Fatty food

Fatty food

Some people say that such food as pizza or something with oil can really help when eaten before the party

Fatty food 1

They grease the intestines so the alcohol needs more time to absorb



According to studies, fructose can speed alcohol metabolism, this way it reduces the risk of a hangover

Sugar 1

That's why it's crucial to eat sugar when you’re drinking. Not before as fructose metabolizes quickly!



Don't skip breakfast. It will help you restore a dehydrated body

Breakfast 1

When you have a hangover, you need foods that are easy to digest, for example, toast and cereal.



People have thought for centuries that ginger can reduce nausea and vomiting

Ginger 1

According to the National Institutes of Health reveal, a combination of ginger, tangerine pith, and brown sugar may decrease nausea and vomiting when consumed before drinking



If you just have a chance to sleep when having a hangover then don’t miss this chance

Sleep 1

Lack of sleep isn't a cause of hangover but that can make it worse.

Sleep 2

Sleeping is the body’s way to heal itself!

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