Published 2018-09-13
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Signs that she wants to date you and signs that she just wants to be friends

Sometimes it’s not easy to tell if the girl likes you and is ready for the first move or she is not into dating mood and thinks about you only as a friend. That’s why you need to pay attention to small things that can indicate how she really treats you. It’s really crucial to be aware of her intentions as soon as possible because you may already make plans for both of you and then the rejection may leave you heartbroken. This article shows a few examples of her behavior when she is into you and when she just expects friendship between you two.

Ask her out!

Ask her out!

She is playful, mischievous, laughs at your jokes and flirts with you.

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She wants to hold your hands. She is clearly comfortable to be close to you.

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Holding hands is a very clear sign that she wants you to become more than just friends.

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If she prefers spending time with you alone than she may have feelings for you.

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She checks your Facebook/Instagram profile and she asks your friends about you.

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This way you clearly get the message that she’s interested.

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She hugs you first and does it whenever she has the chance.

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You can surely take it as a sign that she is into you.

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She opens up about her secrets, she tells you the things that she wouldn’t tell someone who is just a friend.

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When we tell someone our secrets, it means that we make people special and we trust them.

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She texts or calls you in the morning and just before going to sleep. It means that she must be thinking about you.

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Just friends

She usually asks you to meet in a group - if you’re not sure what she feels then you need to suggest a one on one meeting.

Just friends

She says 'hi' or waves when you see each other. There is not much affection then.

Just friends 1

She texts you once in a while. It’s not like an everyday routine.

Just friends 2

And she talks about everything except for her feelings for you. Apparently, there is not a deep feeling in her heart.

Just friends 3

She just wants to grab a coffee, she is not into going to some luxurious restaurant for dinner with you.

Just friends 4

She is often silly around you because she doesn’t feel that pressure to impress you.

Just friends 5

If she wanted something more, she would be probably a little bit nervous or tense.

Just friends 6

She says 'You’re like a brother to me!'. It means she can see you only as a friend.

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