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Individuals that make us lose faith in humanity

Human is fallible. This is something that is very clear to everyone. However, portraying it exceeds anyone's expectations. Since the social networks were flooded with people doing stupid things, the number of people with their own account has multiplied considerably. For many, this is their daily newspaper, the one that accompanies them while they have breakfast or when waiting for the queue in the food court. To make matters worse, the protagonists of these images seem not to be ashamed at all and the result is hilarious photos like those shown in today's article. Are you ready?

Individuals that make us lose faith in humanity 1

1. The gas tank is further back, honey. These two young women were delighted to have agreed to wear the same outfits that decided to take a snapshot at the gas station. However, the girl on the left, who was holding the hose to refuel, should have been a little more careful, as she was about to spill a highly flammable material on the door of her car …

Individuals that make us lose faith in humanity 2

2. Grandmother, you're using it upside down and that is why the photo is not working. This woman did not understand exactly how the digital camera worked. As she saw a large screen on one side, she believed in some way that it was the goal, but nothing could be further from reality. However, in a short time, she will realize what was the appropriate part take the picture of, as the flash would impact her strongly. Hopefully, she will not lose her vision as the result of not understanding the new technologies. If we look closely we can see her eye big …

Individuals that make us lose faith in humanity 3

3. When you let your child learn to eat alone. At a certain age, infants try to do everything like their parents, imitating them while learning basic habits. But sometimes it is better not to lose sight of the little ones, as they may have more than one "technical" failure. The young man who appears in the third section of our list was taking the snack when he decided to drink a sip of a soft drink but from the wrong side! The result was having all the liquid thrown on the floor …

Individuals that make us lose faith in humanity 4

4. The funny thing is, how she kept the cone standing? The little girl in the fourth section of our article made a very funny joke with the ice cream cone that her father had bought. And it seems that the girl took an ice cream from her nose, like a long snot. Although the little kids should not play with the food, the final result is well worth it. Her dad will be very proud, we do not know if the mother would feel the same though …

Individuals that make us lose faith in humanity 5

5. This is how most of the university students spend their time in their class. Electronic devices are so present in our lives that it was never easier to waste time and avoid studying in the classroom as it is now. This man was dedicated to using the "Netflix" platform before an exhibition he had attended as an audience. We hope that when the event starts, the tablet disconnected and he focused on real life and not so much on the audiovisual content of a series …

Individuals that make us lose faith in humanity 6

6. When you get sick of your mother telling you not to go barefoot and put on your shoes. This image causes a very unpleasant feeling, due to the little sense that everything has. Perhaps the reason for this photo is due to a tribute to those moments when you have worn so many shirts that the soles end up almost destroyed. There are many people who, until they wear their shoes, do not decide to buy another one. Well, maybe this point is very exaggerated.

Individuals that make us lose faith in humanity 7

7. From work to the physiotherapist, for sure. In office jobs, employees spend many hours sitting in front of a computer, which is essential to learn to maintain a good position in the chair and desk. Otherwise, we could cause various problems in our bones and muscles, mainly in the back. The man we see here had the table a little higher than adequate, acquiring a quite uncomfortable and painful long-term posture …

Individuals that make us lose faith in humanity 8

8. When they tell you they do not have a glass to carry. The only thing that would save this boy from making a complete fool out of himself would be that it was really a kind of homage to the great Groucho Marx. We speak of one of the most memorable dialogues of the feature film "A Day at the Races", in which the protagonist remembered how he had drunk from the shoes of a beautiful lady. "The night I drank champagne from your slipper... two quarts. It would have been more but you were wearing inner soles!"

Individuals that make us lose faith in humanity 9

9. The hygiene standards of more than one fast food restaurant leave much to be desired. The workers, in order to finish their workday faster, use all kinds of tricks to get rid of them before. In this case, we see how a boy uses a mop to clean the tables, an instrument with which he had previously mopped the entire floor of the facilities. Of course, it would be better to avoid eating in places like this. That way we'll be far from the germs …

Individuals that make us lose faith in humanity 10

10. They say that if you put your clothes inside out, they will give you something. He plays the lottery, minimum. At what point did he get to put on a pair of pants backward and was not aware of it? A clear example of the dream with which people leave their homes to study centers or jobs. By the time he realized he had left the zipper in the back, it was too late. One of the most clueless and extravagant individuals we've seen in a long time.

Individuals that make us lose faith in humanity 11

11. You on Monday mornings. In the days after the weekend, especially in the first hour, it is difficult to accept the reality that we have to live, and not to dream between the morning shower, breakfast and other habits of routine. The person who took the photo made it clear how he was asleep that day when he put toothpaste on the back of the toothbrush. A bad start of the day, just like getting up on the wrong foot. We hope he at least put on the pants correctly.

Individuals that make us lose faith in humanity 12

12. Sundays when you remember that you have not bought milk. Cookie lovers would do anything to eat this snack at the perfect spot after dipping it in, normally, milk. However, we cannot always count on this product at home. So, if we have a little juice we could imagine as the person in the image has and believe that it is something else.

Individuals that make us lose faith in humanity 13

13. Someone missed class when they gave the lesson of fractions. The orders that we give in some fast food franchises when placing our order are something like the wishes formulated before a genius of the lamp. They have to be correctly expressed, otherwise, the workers will do the first thing that comes to their head with your lunch. In this case, they asked if they could cut the sandwich into 3 parts, but at no time were they told that they were the same …

Individuals that make us lose faith in humanity 14

14. When your mobile screen breaks and you do not care anymore. There are people who would sacrifice almost anything to enjoy a cold beer in the countryside. One of the problems that arrive at fans of bottled drinks is precisely to open it, which is usually covered with a metal top. In the absence of an opener, there are several ways to remove this element, and a cell phone can help us with such a company. Thinking that there are individuals who open them with their eyes, it is not so crazy …

Individuals that make us lose faith in humanity 15

15. All a daredevil! Of course, this soldier will not have problems with the vacuum motor overheating, but if you want to clear all the snow outside the building, you will have to empty the tank hundreds of times. Laziness increases our intelligence, but in this case, the method is not worth it ...

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