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What did King Philip VI say while Letizia and Sofia argued?

Royal families, regardless of the nationalities, are always involved in controversies, so you can always find something about them on the Internet. An example of this is the Spanish royalty, which in itself has been going through critical moments for some time, where apparently the only way out is the divorce of the Spanish kings. We have compiled a series of words that were spoken among the royals while they were leaving the Mass on Easter Sunday for you ... Queen Letizia continues to increase her rejection in the Spanish nation!

What did King Philip VI say while Letizia and Sofia argued? 1

1. Queen Letizia has been recognized for her fights in public for some time now. Motivated to a large extent by the rudeness that she has been receiving from her political family, the emeritus kings, Letizia has always wanted to keep her participation as much as possible and tries to control even the interactions with her daughters when she appears in public. However, she has to understand that these are, although it sounds strange and painful, the heirs to the throne and that their destinies are linked to the interests of the crown and not to the will of either the mother or father.

What did King Philip VI say while Letizia and Sofia argued? 2

2. The story comes along. At the beginning of this year, the misunderstandings between Letizia and Queen Sofia came to light while both were in the Cathedral of Palma. Apparently, the emeritus found a photographer known for being in charge of taking photos of the palace, which is why she decided that she wanted to get close to take an explicit image with her beloved granddaughters, whom she can seldom see calmly; and with whom she has almost no contact. Both girls wore splendid smiles as they posed before the cameras when Letizia herself began to interfere.

What did King Philip VI say while Letizia and Sofia argued? 3

3. While the royal ladies were leaving the Mass on Easter Sunday, the most anticipated thing happened. The intention is quite usual in the image of the queen herself, who has always enjoyed an incredible welcome by all the Spanish people. By contrast, the figure of the monarch has enjoyed better moments, his honor being tainted by constant bad decisions, such as having several public lovers, appearing with them in conflictive situations or even behaving like a senile person. All the reputation he had achieved with his attitude during the coup d'état has been burning with the passage of time.

What did King Philip VI say while Letizia and Sofia argued? 4

4. As is not uncommon, Queen Letizia always giving the reasons to be talked about! This time, it was preventing Sofia from taking pictures with her daughters. Upon discovering the situation, Queen Letizia simply interposed herself between the photographers and her daughters, trying to obstruct the realization of the images. At that time, they themselves showed their discomfort by the attitude so aggressive and uneducated of the mother, reaching out a hand of the queen emeritus to try to alleviate what for them was a very uncomfortable moment. This, of course, was seen in a very negative way both by the press and by the Spaniards themselves, who only saw in her a sullen and very uneducated person. There are even those who have said that the queen herself is throwing the image of the crown in vain.

What did King Philip VI say while Letizia and Sofia argued? 5

5. The videos immediately became viral, which caused great displeasure in Spain mainly. Due to the teasing of the husband, the emeritus queen has earned a reputation as a very suffering person, who has had to live a real hell because of someone she always considered an ideal life partner. However, when it seemed that she had made peace and had forgiven her partner for the constant infidelities to which she was subjected, now the problems reappear through the figure of her daughter-in-law.

What did King Philip VI say while Letizia and Sofia argued? 6

6. Everyone noticed the incident, including the King Emeritus Juan Carlos who looked with repudiation to the queen for her behavior. Known by all the contempt felt by the king emeritus towards the daughter-in-law, this behavior did nothing but corroborate that no matter how much effort they made, it could never be up to someone like the predecessor. In fact, it was precisely the comment that he said: "I do not like you but I will make you a queen".

What did King Philip VI say while Letizia and Sofia argued? 7

7. A few weeks ago, a lip-reading expert could tell us what royals were saying at the time. Although we all saw the images, it was not until an expert was able to analyze what they were talking about that the true enmity that they lived came to light. The conversation that King Philip VI had with his wife, Queen Letizia, and then adding what the figures of the parents of this one said between them was something that left no one indifferent, but that started a spiral of concern. The love that the monarch could feel was suddenly cut off when the figure of the partner faced off against the one represented by the parents.

What did King Philip VI say while Letizia and Sofia argued? 8

8. The first thing Dona Sofía said to her daughter-in-law was: "Leave her please," while Queen Letizia was trying to go through the photo. Knowing that there is a non-public ban on the part of the monarch to appear together, the emeritus simply wanted to have a memory of the moment without intending to harm anyone. What could have been there, was simply a motivation to give free rein to the wrath and controlling mania on the part of Letizia? The respective husbands were also involved when the thing was bigger. After all, the image is very important for the monarchies of today, who depend on the warmth and affection of the people to be able to exist in a peaceful way.

9. On the other hand, when King Philip became aware of the situation, he did not hesitate to address his consort. Once the conflict got bigger, with a queen trying to face her mother-in-law in front of the cameras, the king had to take action on the matter. The problem appeared when the mood of the monarch, of conciliatory and peaceful spirit, was confronted with Letizia herself, who has always had a reputation for a more aggressive and dominant character. The king, in the background, simply watched as his son, whom he knows perfectly, played a very short role. His firmness, something that should be a sufficient weapon to dominate conflictive situations in which the country itself is threatened, was tragically damaged.

What did King Philip VI say while Letizia and Sofia argued? 9

10. He also said: "Please, leave it" first to Letizia and then to her mother. In a very elegant and calm way, a simple "please, leave it" was not going to calm the bad fumes of both women who fought for the right over the princess and the queen. Regardless of what they had agreed between family members, the figure of the king was put into question when certain comments began to appear in the media. If a king is not able to govern his own family and avoid conflicts of this kind, how can we expect him to be able to lead a country in case of extreme need?

What did King Philip VI say while Letizia and Sofia argued? 10

11. For his part, King Emeritus Juan Carlos, realizing the poor behavior of Letizia, addressed his son. Although the king does have a much more dominant character than his son, he avoided confronting the person who was attacking his wife so as not to turn the situation into a real powder keg. However, he tried, by all means, to address his son to try to solve the situation in the most diplomatic way possible. Knowing what the figure of the king implies for Spain and the delicate situation he is going through because of him and now of Letizia. However, it seems that, once again, Felipe's mood left things in a somewhat complicated and unexpected situation.

What did King Philip VI say while Letizia and Sofia argued? 11

12. Although Don Juan Carlos has always been known to be a person capable of attacking without hesitation, as he demonstrated with his performance against the late Hugo Chávez when he uttered the famous "Why don’t you shut up?" Which could have been a diplomatic conflict of proportions worrying against Venezuela. However, already with the most advanced age and with a second line position, he preferred to talk about that situation not facing the gallery but more organized not to damage the image of his son in a more private environment without indiscreet eyes.

What did King Philip VI say while Letizia and Sofia argued? 12

13. So Don Felipe refused to discuss the issue in the place and replied: "What? How? Now, not now, you know that it is not the time, do you understand?". For Felipe, knowing that leaving his mother and daughter alone was going to suppose a loss of power and prestige for one of the two, the mere idea of ​​abandoning the situation seemed to him dismissed from the first hour. He simply limited himself to wanting to face the situation on the spot and without anyone's advice. He has always relied on his own ability to resolve situations of this nature, so he launched himself to mediate so that everything was resolved in a peaceful way. However, we are sure that afterward there was a real pitched battle once the meeting before the cameras ended.

What did King Philip VI say while Letizia and Sofia argued? 13

14. In the end, Dona Sofia realized that the queen would not allow herself to be photographed with her granddaughters. It was Sofia herself who, once again, proved to be a much more dialoguing, calmer and much more worthy of the title. Unfortunately, Letizia only gained the reputation of dominating and impertinent, something that will not serve her as a political figure at all. In spite of the fact that when they said yes, many placed in her a joy to see how the people came to a position of power, now many others have made it clear that not everyone is worthy to hold a position like this.

What did King Philip VI say while Letizia and Sofia argued? 14

15. Without a doubt, Letizia's behavior leaves much to be desired. The gap that both opened in a public way seems that later was softening, maybe because Felipe himself managed to mediate with the queen so that both maintained an attitude of cordiality, if not of affection, before the cameras. We do not know if this process will be long or if the diplomatic skills of the monarch have ended up avoiding future conflicts between both, but it seems that by now the image of the two queens of Spain has improved a lot.

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What did King Philip VI say while Letizia and Sofia argued? 15
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