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This might just save your pet dog during a dog fight

But even before that could happen the other dogs made run for Kenai, who was unfortunately caught by one of them. The Pitbull who was on the leash had also managed to get away from his owner, but somehow his owner was able to pull him off Kenai. Unfortunately, the other Pitbull, wouldn't let go of his victim. So the user seeing that his pet dog was being attacked, clasped the hind legs of the Pitbull and pulled him with a jerk.

What the user did was that he "wheelbarrowed" the pit back from Kenai, which prevented the dog from biting him. Kenai took that opportunity to run to safety. The owner then grabbed the dog from the user, though he still wasn't having a good grip on both the dogs by himself. After making sure the owner was fine he ran off to Kenai who needed help. Do you think the owner of the pitbulls should have been more responsible?

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