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This might just save your pet dog during a dog fight

According to the article that the user read prior to the incident what we should do in such dangerous situations is:
Grab the dog by the hind legs close to its thighs and to lift its legs as if it was a wheelbarrow. This way you're away from its teeth and giving you full control. They won't be able to lunge back at the dog they're attacking either because they'll keep falling on their face. If possible ask the owner of the other dog to do it to their dog too.

While still holding onto its hind legs, back up quickly in a zig-zag motion. Since all the weight is on its front paws now, it has no choice but to try to get its balance back. If the dogs are biting each or latched on to each other, this will force them to unhook from one another. Soon it will realize that you're in control and listen to your orders.
If you want to know if Kenai is fine, continue reading!

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