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What happens when envy fills us

Putting the cards on the table, we all have a little bit of us in which jealousy lives. As much as we insist on denying it, they are there, threatening to show up at the least opportune moment. Sometimes they are the result of love for your partner, sometimes because having siblings sometimes becomes a complicated task, but above all, there is something totally undeniable. That's right, the envy that is created among the female gender on numerous occasions is the protagonist, even though they want to hide it. And it does not matter if they are lifelong friends, celebrities who are in an awards ceremony or just normal girls. No one likes to lose, let alone being compared. Although it should be noted that there are many guys like that as we show you below.

What happens when envy fills us 1

1. Like Snow White's stepmother, none wants another person to be more beautiful than them. In the different contests and beauty contests that are celebrated throughout the world, we can see more than one look of envy, because in these events the most attractive features for the jury and the public prevail. Sometimes nature does not give us the same as the ones standing next to us, and that is why many people grieve. However, we should simply embrace what makes us unique with love…

What happens when envy fills us 2

2. If we talk about the amounts of food, we all want big ice cream. In our childhood, we can also fall prey to the known jealousy at some point, due to a bad choice or to focus too much on what others have and we do not. The boy on the left was enjoying an ice cream pole on a summer's day, but his friend made him a little bit bitter by showing a much bigger and at least incredibly delicious ice cream…

What happens when envy fills us 3

3. The poor CR7 knew what was coming. In this photo, we see how Michel Platini, a football legend and former president of UEFA, gave Lionel Messi the award for the best European player of 2015. Cristiano Ronaldo was second only on that occasion, but could not bear to put a face on for the circumstance. The rivalry between these two stars of the ball is more than evident, although it seems that Messi wins in general. Currently, they have the same gold balls.

What happens when envy fills us 4

4. They have always been present. In the fourth section of our list, we see two of the most beautiful actresses of the twentieth century, the Italian Sophia Loren and the American Jayne Mansfield. The photograph, taken around the 60s, shows Loren's pure envy to her colleague of a profession. It is striking that the girl born as Sofia Villani Scicolone was one of the most desired women of her time. However, that feature of Mansfield attracted too much attention.

What happens when envy fills us 5

5. Rapper Jay Z was greeting Rihanna, who is a great friend of his for a long time. However, there was someone (Puff Daddy) who was not so happy about the affection they have for each other and looked closely at the hug they gave each other. Beyoncé on the other part was focused on the fashion runway, not paying attention to what her husband was doing. Knowing the history of the American artist, the suspicion of the male in the background is more than justified…

What happens when envy fills us 6

6. Again we go back to childhood to remember that feeling of some infants with disrespect to others when they happened to be in the background. It is common in older or middle-aged brothers because the attention at the end always ends up focusing on the last one that was born. That is why many families have photographs with the older ones looking from the back of the scenes. He also needs pampering!

What happens when envy fills us 7

7. The cap was not to cover the sun, it was there so we would not see the anger. Friends can be an unconditional support throughout our lives, but they are also capable of sinking due to the complexes with which we carry. In this case, it was clear who did not want to appear in the image next to a somewhat disproportionate attribute of one of the young women. They are those moments in which you ask yourself the reason why God gave so much to a person and to you with hardly anything.

What happens when envy fills us 8

8. But look at the camera, girl! Although we do not want to confess that we are envious of someone and that we would like to possess some of their physical characteristics, sooner or later our subconscious ends up detonating us. In this case, the young woman in the background could not help but glance at the bust of her classmate. Which was stretching and smiling timidly for the camera.

What happens when envy fills us 9

9. Katy Perry and Rihanna have been close friends for a long time. Specifically since late 2009, when they met at a fashion party. Perry told her that her Valentino bag was beautiful, full of amazing jewelry, and Rihanna promised to give her an equal one in the future. On Valentine's Day 2010 the natural star of Barbados sent her this expensive accessory as a token of her love. However, the Katy cannot help sometimes look at the neckline of her beloved "Riri."

What happens when envy fills us 10

10. It is always a matter of size... It happens many times that we crave to have what was not given to us and it is impossible to obtain. Those who are very tall would like to be shorter and those who do not reach the sixty meter would love to parade on the catwalks beating many boys. In the picture, we see how Kim Kardashian had to look up to look at the face of her half-sister, the also businesswoman and model Kendall Jenner. Even Kim suffers from envy!

What happens when envy fills us 11

11. When you have very little success with women and one of your friends has great luck in the subject of love, you finally have a face similar to that of the boy in the background. An image that in a few months became famous and became a real meme. Thus we come to the end of our article, we hope that it has inspired you or at least entertained you. What do you think? What was the one that surprised you the most? Tell us, we are interested in your opinion.

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