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How to know you are addicted to your partner

Everything can be addictive in today’s world. Not only drinking, coffee, sweets or shopping... You can also get addicted to your partner! And if it happens then nothing compares to the happiness you feel being with him. He becomes your whole world and none else seems to exist! Now you may wonder how to notice those red flags indicating that your love is intoxicating like drugs and that you may not function without your partner. Let's read about it in this article!

How to know you are addicted to your partner 1

1. You are not able to enjoy your free time without him. Spending your time without him is simply a waste of time for you. No matter if you go out and have some drinks or just sit in front of the computer and watch a match. You are happy with him and you have less time for your family and friends because your boyfriend is your priority. You often receive messages from disappointed friends who complain that you are no longer available and willing to see them.

How to know you are addicted to your partner 2

2. You spend a lot of money on him. Whether he is wealthy or broke all the time, you buy him lots of things - tickets, food, expensive presents. You spend so much on him that you sometimes cannot afford to buy basic things for you. New clothes, new shoes? It doesn’t matter because what matters most now is your partner and his needs. You don’t even notice that he may be using you!

How to know you are addicted to your partner 3

3. You devote every second to him. Whenever he calls, you answer it, whenever he texts, you text him back without second or minutes. And it doesn’t matter if you are busy at that moment or not. You don’t want to let him down and you don’t want him to wait for you. This is because you are scared of losing him. If that happened, your life would be over.

How to know you are addicted to your partner 4

4. Your friends are concerned about your well-being. You no longer devote your time to them and they also cannot count on your support any longer. Your partner is now your priority and they are only your background. But they are worried about you and why you disappeared from their life. The worst thing is that you can’t see a problem with that...

How to know you are addicted to your partner 5

5. You forget about your needs. You don’t care so much about your health, work, and dreams. You often neglect your obligations. You no longer concentrate on your passions and things that used to make you smile. Those things are too boring for you to practice unless you can do it with your boyfriend! That would change everything and it would make sense.

How to know you are addicted to your partner 6

6. You could do everything for him. You don’t even pay attention to your rules because now your rules are different and you do everything to please your partner. If he wants to go on vacation but your boss doesn’t want to give you a few days off, you search for other options just to make your boyfriend happy even if you need to risk your career! You agree on whatever he wants because you are afraid that he could leave you if his expectations are not met.

How to know you are addicted to your partner 7

7. When you argue you always go on compromise. Well, you prefer doing just what he wants instead of having an argument. You treat any fierce discussion and arguments as a kind of threat because you are worried that he may get angry and leave you. That’s why even if you are right, you don’t tell him. You allow him to think that he always knows the best. This is so toxic!

How to know you are addicted to your partner 8

8. There may be moments when he is really fed up with you and your annoying behavior. And then he tells you that he would leave you. How do you react in this situation? Well, this is the worst nightmare for you because you cannot imagine your life without him. That’s why you scream, shout and cry. You even blackmail him that you will hurt yourself if he leaves you!

How to know you are addicted to your partner 9

9. You have similar habits to him. Well, you are so addicted to him that you mimic his behavior. It’s not important if you like rock music or football. You will go to rock concerts and watch football matches because you want to show him that you are just like him and his interests become your interests. The same types of music, books, the same sweets - it’s a little bit creepy that you have the same taste. It’s quite impossible after all.

How to know you are addicted to your partner 10

10. You change your priorities for him. If he wants to have children in 8 years then you agree because you don’t want him to get frustrated and you don't want him to feel some kind of pressure. And if he dreams about getting married very, very soon then you organize everything so that his dream could be fulfilled. Your priorities must be compromised many times because of his whims and plans and you don’t dare to upset him in any way.

How to know you are addicted to your partner 11

11. His approval is everything to you. You really struggle to feel appreciated and accepted by him. It may be connected with your low self-esteem because deep in your heart you feel insecure and you always search for others’ approval. It may be also connected with you past because you were a shy kid who people didn’t accept. Now you want all the attention and care from your partner because what he thinks about you is really crucial.

How to know you are addicted to your partner 12

12. You ask him for his opinion about pretty everything. You care what he thinks about your clothes and you often ask him if they are not too short or provocative. You also care what he thinks about your friends. And of course, we mean women because you no longer talk to any male friends. Why yo make him jealous -you think. If he tells you that one of your friends seems not right for you to hang out then you can even stop being in touch with her.

How to know you are addicted to your partner 13

13. You constantly require his attention. You actually beg for it and if you don’t get it, you are sad and depressed. Well, your begging doesn’t help then you even start fights over that! However, it obviously doesn’t help your relationship. You receive attention but this is on your demand and because you started the argument. Sooner or later, he will feel too much pressure because of that.

How to know you are addicted to your partner 14

14. When he goes on business trips or meets his friends and comes back late, you become depressed. You feel so bad that you don’t even have enough energy to get out of bed. Your life doesn’t make sense then because he’s not around. However, even if he’s not around, you call him all the time and wait impatiently for some message. That’s very annoying for men and you need to realize this fact. Partners should allow themselves for some space in the relationship.

How to know you are addicted to your partner 15

15. You engage in intimate activities even if you are not in the mood. You may even feel sick or just tired but your utmost priority is your partner’s pleasure. You are worried that if you refused, he might not be satisfied and threaten to leave you. You pretend that you are aroused and that you enjoy your intimate activities. And you agree on any fantasies that he wants to try in your bedroom even if it’s something that you cringe at the mere thought.

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