Published 2018-09-25
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How the richest young man in Dubai lives

2. With the famous influencer Logan Paul...

The young man is quite popular on social networks and often publishes photos with other influencers. Everyone wants a picture with one of the richest young people on the planet. Rashed knows that with his power, he can do many things and he always takes advantage of the opportunities that life gives him. He has many contacts among celebrities and knows many celebrities. Getting an autograph from a singer or an actress is not a problem for him.

3. As if that were not enough, he also has a private helicopter ...

Rashed does not have to use public transport because he has many luxurious cars and a driver available 24 hours a day. However, when he has to pass the longest distances, he can use a private helicopter that is available to him whenever he needs it. This way he can travel faster and much more comfortable. He does not have to buy tickets or share seats with strangers.

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