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The first septuplets are already 20 years old

Twenty years ago Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey knew they were going to be parents. After many attempts, the couple underwent a fertilization treatment and this worked. The miracle turned out to be quite numerous since they had seven tiny creatures on their way. The McCaughey already had a beautiful girl when on November 19, 1997, the mother went into labor. The weight of the neonates was between 1'100 kg and 1'500 kg. Because there were so many fetuses in the same womb, there were certain health problems these little creatures suffered from. The state itself, aware of bliss, has taken charge of benefiting the family with certain economic aid as well as with the support of the authorities.

The first septuplets are already 20 years old 1

1. The babies spent a long time hospitalized after birth. Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey had their first child in June 1996. The little one was called Mikayla Marie and it was something of a miracle. Her mother was born with a defect in the pituitary gland, which had created serious fertility problems. Having Mikayla was like a dream for the parents, but they wanted to expand the family. Then they considered different ways to make the birth of another infant possible.

The first septuplets are already 20 years old 2

2. Former President Bill Clinton himself offered his support to the family. Kenny and Bobbi decided that the best way to parent another child was to undergo hormone therapy, using the fertility drug Metrodin. This treatment stimulates ovulation and can help women who have problems getting pregnant. Being desperate to bring another member to their lineage, both parents agreed to try anything possible. Little did they know what was coming next…

3. They received generous donations from anonymous people. When Bobbi went for her regular checkup and ultrasound, the doctors found something incredible in her womb. Not one, not two, not three, but seven embryos. 7 children growing up inside Bobbi McCaughey. Nobody could believe it. However, after these types of hormonal treatments, multiple births are normal. Kenny and Bobbi rejected the selective reduction to give them all the best opportunity, and they put it to God's decision.

4. School expenses and vacations were granted by the state. Of course, the reports spread all over the world. In a short time, they were in the spotlight of the public eye. The parents received the attention of numerous journalists, something that was not always good. Some people thought they were selfish because they did not choose selective reduction, because that would give the remaining babies a better chance of life. Bobbi and Kenny did not change their minds at any time.

5. Your current 7-bedroom house was donated to the McCaughey. After the birth, and during the first years of the babies, the McCaughey received an incredible amount of donations from many supportive people. This included a house of 464 square meters, babysitting services, a year of macaroni from a well-known firm, diapers, and a van. Bobbi and Kenny could not believe how everyone could have helped them so much after the news of the birth became viral.

6. These parents have educated and loved their 8 children equally. The 7 children managed to survive the birth, including four boys and three girls. Luckily, Bobbi and Kenny were ready with a list of names for their new descendants. In order were Kenny, Robert, Alexis May, Natalie Sue, Kelsey Ann, Nathan Roy, Brandon James, and Joel Steven. No doubt they had to think for a long time during pregnancy to decide how to call them.

7. The kids are now 20 years old. Kenny and Bobbi were worried before the birth of their little ones. They spent a lot of time with doctors, specifying the best course of action. On November 19, 1997, all babies were born 9 weeks in advance. The birth took place by cesarean section, and each child arrived in the world 6 minutes apart. Although many did not believe it, everyone seemed to have good enough health, or that was how it looked like. Only time would tell what was going to happen…

8. Since finishing school, after graduating, everyone knew that they should collaborate at home. Unfortunately, as it normally happens with premature babies, not all of them had perfect health. Both Alexis and Nathan were born with cerebral palsy, a group of conditions that can affect movement and coordination. The two brothers found it difficult to walk without help but in any other way, they were healthy. Considering that the womb was shared by 7 babies, that could be seen as a miracle. The McCaughey was the first septuplets that survived through childhood.

9. Bobbi McCaughey is feeling the empty nest syndrome since 6 of the children started college. Both Nathan and Alexis had to use walkers in most of their lives. However, Nathan wanted to teach himself how to walk. Every day, he was pressed to improve. "I taught myself how to walk because I really wanted to. With time, I've only gone for the better," he said in an interview. Alexis has not let her paralysis leave her behind, even though she still needs help walking.

10. Brandon's passion, on the other hand, has been to enter the army. The press followed the adolescence of the infants, a stage in which they had the same problems that young people usually have. Some learned to drive, fell in love and came to have courtships. Kenny and Bobbi faced one of the biggest challenges of their lives, although they never communicated the details in the interviews. In fact, despite the many internal battles, the family has remained well united.

11. Mikayla, the oldest, left home after getting married. As you can imagine, with 10 mouths to feed, eating time could become very chaotic. According to this family, the only way to feed everyone was in the style of a buffet. Bobbi would prepare a lot of food on several trays, and each would take their corresponding ration. The family enjoys sitting at the table together and talking about their days. More than once the dining room was a big mess.

12. This family has made an incredible effort to get the septuplets ahead. The children were very good and involved in both school and high school. And they all signed up in the school band! With the 7 playing together during the breaks of football games, they should have called it the McCaughey band. When they finally graduated, the mother lived with great emotion during her last days of parenting them. Everyone would achieve their dreams and move on with their lives …

13. Everyone is proud of their effort and the love that overflows. Nathan has a strong interest in science and hopes to pursue a career in this field. Alexis was number one in high school and she wants to be a teacher in the future. Kelsey has a passion for music and wants to continue studying at the university. Different personalities but the same positive attitude towards life.
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