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Photos of the Kardashian family before being "rich and hot"

At this point that the vast majority of people know the Kardashians, it should be noted that they were not at all as they are now. Despite luxuries and fame, which was nothing like now, you have to admit that they were ugly. At the time they discovered plastic surgery, it was a revolution in their lives. They went from being ugly ducklings to pretty swans and they even have their own show and they own cosmetic companies as if that would have fixed their faces. We must recognize that now they do not go unnoticed wherever they go thanks to their curves and their beautiful faces. Ready to know what they looked like before all the glam?

Photos of the Kardashian family before being "rich and hot" 1

1. When a retouch is necessary to recognize people. After Kris started to live without the father of the Kardashian sisters, she fell in love with Bruce (currently Caitlyn). Bruce was not aware that he was going to become the stepfather of one of the most famous clans on television. Kris, on the other hand, was unaware that the love of her life was going to feel like a woman later and then she was going to change his gender.
The only sure thing in life is that you cannot be sure of anything, right?

Photos of the Kardashian family before being "rich and hot" 2

2. Kylie has been the biggest change in the whole family. Her face is almost unrecognizable and of course, the biggest change is her plump lips. Kylie admitted to having her lips injected in an episode of "The Kardashians" But in general she is not a fan of sharing anything from her life so she did not really reveal much but she did ADMIT it! Despite what she looked like before and what had to happen through several years, nowadays she has an extraordinary look…

Photos of the Kardashian family before being "rich and hot" 3

3. At first, she denied it although the lips, cheekbones, and curves of her body certainly looked nothing like how they were before. Her new sophisticated style has been copied by thousands of Hollywood celebrities and urban fashion from around the globe. Now she is far from being the innocent and energetic young woman we can appreciate the old photos. Kylie boasts curves and is not afraid to appear in public showing them off. Before being famous, she was shy and reserved, but nowadays she is a leading businesswoman with millions of fans…

Photos of the Kardashian family before being "rich and hot" 4

4. Kendall has always been an angel, in fact, she is the most natural of them all. The truth is that she has hardly changed. If we look at her relative. Of course, this long-legged teenager has grown a lot but has managed to maintain the essential features of her face and we can identify it well in documents from years ago. And it could be said that Kendall is the most natural and different of the Kardashians, fame has not made her have curves or plump lips…

Photos of the Kardashian family before being "rich and hot" 5

5. Being the best-paid model worldwide, she only fixed her nose to be a little thinner. It may be different, but this star has taken the world of modeling as if she was a storm. She not only appears in advertisements and recordings produced by the Kardashians, but she is employed by the most successful magazines and editions of the entire planet. Vogue, Marie Claire or Allure are some of them. Even at an early age, she moved away from the looks of the rest. Her natural beauty "stole the show".

Photos of the Kardashian family before being "rich and hot" 6

6. Khloé is the actual definition of transformation. This female has been trying to look different from the rest of the clan, but nevertheless, she is equally loved. She was a beautiful girl and the chance to be a model came to her early. Like younger Kardashian sister, Khloe was the tallest, palest and most blond of all. She has refused to do DNA analysis and always has believed that Robert is her father, both biologically and sentimentally.

Photos of the Kardashian family before being "rich and hot" 7

7. Without a doubt, she was the least graceful of all. Liposuction and rhinoplasty are also quite noticeable in her current state. As a child and with her sister Kim, they were very tender. Khloe was drastically modified from her childhood. In an interview, she admitted to having struggles with maintaining her ideal weight in her youth, but at present, she is very thin and does not stop having a healthy lifestyle. It's hard to think that this modeling diva was such an innocent little girl…

Photos of the Kardashian family before being "rich and hot" 8

8. Kim Kardashian West was never ugly but neither was the beauty she is currently. More than 10 years ago, the family's favorite looked very different. At present, she is dealing with her motherhood 5 years after the time when North West was born. At that time, Kim worked as a celebrity stylist and her best friend was Paris Hilton. All that was before the world knew her for being Kim in one of the most successful television reality shows in history.

Photos of the Kardashian family before being "rich and hot" 9

9. Cheeks, rhinoplasty, lips, are some of the touches that have made her look like what she does now. Since the reality show "Keeping up with the Kardashian" began, Kim has not stopped evolving her look. At that time, she looked almost like any other female stars. She loved to tan and of course, she did not exercise so much! Unless how the muscles and curves are now what makes her famous. She has always been beautiful, so it is fun to follow her progress. Her appearance has changed hundreds of times, with different styles, hair colors that showed her perfect…

Photos of the Kardashian family before being "rich and hot" 10

10. Kourtney is certainly at Kendall's level as far as transformations are concerned. This young woman has also evolved positively over the years. This 39-year-old mother of three looked very different in her teenage years. The most delicate of all the Kardashians say that it has always been natural for her to be small and short. The real example of that is seen in the pictures that all the sisters have taken together. All her sisters surpassed her in height one by one. As the eldest of the Kardashians, she has taken care of the others.

Photos of the Kardashian family before being "rich and hot" 11

11. The oldest Kardashian sister has just honed her nose and has undergone some facial rejuvenation treatments. She was born in Los Angeles in 1979. For a while, it seemed like she could follow a path just like any other normal person. In college, she presented a very natural look like the rest of the girls her age. Later her appearance took a drastic turn when her family's show reached world fame. Now she is a normal older sister and a fashion icon.

Photos of the Kardashian family before being "rich and hot" 12

12. Kourtney and Kim as young girls filled the networks with their photos. Kim took her family to the international celebrity level with her television show, which began airing in 2007. Now she has a large number of interests in terms of business, including a game for smartphones that bears her name and in which offers a variety of personalized emoticons with her family members. Any profitable strategy is possible…

Photos of the Kardashian family before being "rich and hot" 13

13. Kim, as well as several of her relatives, has numerous cosmetics and clothing lines, including the "Kardashian Collection", "Kardashian Beauty" and a chain of stores called DASH and KKW. It is believed that for each post that goes to the networks, she gets an average of $ 25,000, especially if one of these posts advertises a particular article. She sure is one of the most important influencers of the internet…

Photos of the Kardashian family before being "rich and hot" 14

14. Kim's previous life was not as extraordinary as it is now since she started working at an early age, spending 4 years of her adolescence as an employee in a clothing store. Later, she made money buying and selling clothes, shoes, and accessories on the net. A business that would later make her one of the most important stylists with clients like Cindy Crawford, Serena Williams, and Paris Hilton. A talent that led her to fame…

Photos of the Kardashian family before being "rich and hot" 15

15. Of course, poor Khloe took a bad part of the genetics. But what we are sure of is that she is the only one we can identify in the old photos of the family, unless we are real fans of this popular family. Did they look better in the past?
Thus we come to the end of our article, we hope that it has inspired you or at least entertained you. What do you think about the Kardashians? Let us know!

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