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This beautiful girl has social media confused because she refuses to change her appearance to please critics

Sophia Hadjipanteli is a Greek model and lately, she has become very popular thanks to promoting her uncommon image in social networks. Usually, we are used to people posting perfect photos, with worked out bodies, ideal makeup and a heart attack figure. Few people want to upload photos that are unfavorable. However, some want to challenge the rules of fashion to see how far they can go and what the public's opinion will be. One of them is the Greek model, Sophia Hadjipanteli, who has joined the list of women who defend that any woman can be beautiful with their own personal beauty.

Sophia has been interested in everything that has to do with fashion for a long time and loves makeup and new trends in women's clothing. However, one thing she does not like is that society increasingly wants to control more and more the female body and impose the rules that not all women like. However, if they do not apply them, they can risk rejection by others. To defend the right of women to be free and behave in any way they want, Sophia created a special movement.

1. The origins of the model

We must say that this Greek model is a very beautiful woman, but for one reason or another, she decided that, despite having beautiful blond hair, she wanted to dye her facial hair to a black color that did not please everyone. No doubt, in this way caused a marked natural union of her over-bushy eyebrows, which are now marked for catching too much attention, too put it mildly. Luckily, for her, it was at a star moment, because at the moment the beauty is looked for in the different thing, trying to find models that have some type of ‘imperfection’ that can be used by any of the photographers to highlight the product.

2. Sophia decided to create an eyebrow (unibrow) to show that she does not follow the demands of society.

Her goal was simply to make a difference with respect to her many competitors. It was clear that, as much as she had an attractive body, she could not stand out so easily among so many high-level competitors without creating a brand that would make it special. That is why, instead of trying to hide her eyebrow, she decided that she would do just the opposite, mark it much more, changing its color to make it a hallmark. The movement that she created, the small wave in the sea, ended up turning into a whole tsunami since now it is revered by many women who try to defend naturalness over other elements.

3. #UnibrowMovement

She is the founder of the #UnibrowMovement movement that aims to unite people who only have unibrows. This sign, more common than many imagine, is usually corrected by an elaborate work of tweezing and waxing to try to make it look normal. That is why, tired of being criticized by all her acquaintances, she decided that she was not going to follow the rules of aesthetics anymore and she was going to choose a much more difficult path. It was going to be an example that it is possible to love oneself as one is, but without having to resort to artifices.

4. Sophia confesses that she does not need to shave as most women do.

Some hold their hands to their heads when they discovered that a woman with such a beautiful body and possessing incredible blue eyes sent everything to the bottom for letting herself grow such unattractive features. However, she herself defended that she did not want to have to resort to a routine that seemed painful, unnecessary and that only made us clones in the eyes of others. Unfortunately, her detractors have come to threaten her with death for a look that does not bother anyone at all.

5. As a teenager, she began to feel different from others and was tired of plucking her eyebrows.

Adolescence is a very difficult time for all people, but it can be aggravated if you have some kind of trait that makes you the target of ridicule and criticism from the cruelest. However, it seems that, although this young woman came to pose for a recognized fashion firm to her young 15 years, one day she decided that she would not continue with the tedious repetition that always led her to the same destiny Luckily in her case, it seems that things went pretty well.

6. Despite this, it was not easy at all

In school, she was criticized many times for the way she dressed, for her makeup and obviously for her eyebrows. The harassment was something that hurt her a lot because she usually received it from people she had to see every day but who laughed at her. Of course, none of those companions who made her life impossible by telling her that she looked horrible could imagine that she was finally going to become a worldwide icon of a new kind of beauty. Apparently now they are regretting the rest of their days for having underestimated such an excessive potential.

7. People on social networks are equally cruel

People on social networks criticize her constantly, declaring that it is a real pity that she was born with that mark while being so beautiful. While others ask how she deals with so many negative opinions, the real question is whether she is really happy with this daring and promising look. The truth is that she could not be happier, since not only has she been finally respected as she is, but she has become an example for those millions of people who now have to deal with the same problem in their lives. Luckily now they have someone who respects them.

8. Despite the criticism, Sophia does not intend to get rid of her unibrows and it is something she really loves.

Although many have argued that the position was quite risky, the truth is that they have begun to wonder if, once won the battle, she was going to re-pluck her eyebrows or, at least stop coloring them. As if it were an exaggerated version of Frida Kahlo, this young woman seems to have claimed a position that left the dear Mexican painter orphaned in the beauty spectrum. No doubt her predecessor would be equally proud that she has been accepted as she is. Luckily her great ally was precisely the very personality that she had always strived to work with.

9. She suffered bullying for many reasons, but now she is much stronger and self-confident.

Apparently, this beautiful girl had a very traumatic past during her childhood because there were few who focused on her and were teasing her, not only for her eyebrows. However, because her father was a professional photographer, she always knew how to behave before the cameras in order to get the best out of her beauty. Her multiple tricks helped her to become a complete expert despite having very few years of real experience. Others would have fallen for it, but she had something to prove to the world and she was going to do it in the best possible way.

10. She no longer feels the need to do what others tell her is right.

Now, finally, she makes her own decisions, without needing anyone to tell her what she should or should not do to become an authentic fashion diva. Although it is true that part of her this was part of a small accident, since she accidentally dyed them in such a dark tone, the result seemed most surprising to she herself. Finally, she decided that she would continue doing it and that, in addition, she was going to use some remedies, such as castor oil, to achieve much thicker features. She herself assures that it is a real miracle that the remedies really work.

11. Beauty standards

The model believes that some beauty standards have been left for too long and now we have to tell women that they are free and that they can see themselves as they want. It is not necessary that all are governed by predefined ideals, with lips of equal thickness, eyebrows of the same shape or even completely identical forms. Especially considering that each person then has a taste completely different from others. It is simply more important to love oneself, because that is where the true charisma arises that makes everyone else fall at our feet, eager to share their time with us.

12. The most important thing is to feel good in your own body and not pay attention to negative comments.

Something that she herself emphasizes is the nuance of ignoring negative comments because they have always been a considerable challenge. Due to her genetic inheritance, her beauty is especially strong, which is why she has always had to deal with it. Her mother supported her strongly, telling her that the whole family is proud of her and that she always looked beautiful. However, due to the insistence of her classmates, she came to suffer real traumas that made her rethink her ideas on more than one occasion.

13. The unibrow movement

That is why she created the unibrow movement so that all women feel beautiful in their bodies, no matter if they are fat, skinny, tall or short, blonde or brunette. Like other feminist women who precede her, she has always defended freedom in order to decide. It is not that men have to fix themselves on an artificial beauty, not even that they have to fall in love only with what you offer them, it is to try to find someone who loves you simply for how you are and not for how you should be, following the rules that society imposes.

14. Sophia does not stop growing on social networks

Sophia tries not to pay attention to the negative comments and instead focuses on the good energy and the words of encouragement that many people send her through social networks. Sophia literally means wisdom so it seems that her gift came directly delivered from the moment of her own birth. Now she is the one who has to continue walking along the path that serves so that other women can adapt their personalities to a world that grows more and more, accepting the diversity offered by the human race.

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